Mystery Guest Share A Joke

We return to our almost daily coverage of Aussie outfits, by looking over at Mystery Guest, who released a wonderful debut in Octagon City; they’re here now with a brand new single to wrap up 2020. The duo is known for making ‘club music for the chill pop crowd,’ and its clear that Caitlyn’s voice has the ability to force you to fall in love with a tune; I love her move in this tune of dragging and playing with pronunciation of syllables, particularly when its riding the melodic wave of the tune. It all works over a driving organ/piano and a percussive element that does its best to steer clear of the track. If you haven’t visited this band yet, then perhaps this is a great place to start!

Stream Zipper’s Dreamer’s Gate EP

There’s a slew of releases I missed last week trying to take a few hours for myself and my family, but this Zipper one is definitely one I would have shared last week. Dreamer’s Gate is a collection of five songs of swirling guitars and pounding rhythms, propelled forward by natural pop inclinations and Haruka’s voice. Don’t let that fool you though, as there’s a heavy darkness reverberating throughout the entirety of these five tracks; it builds this super tension that makes you anxious at every single turn, particularly if you’re listening to “Ice,” which is one of my favorite songs off the EP. The whole thing is available via Tenth Court, so give it a listen!

Permits Share Negative Heart

At the end of this week, we’ll finally get to hear the entirety of the new LP by Permits, but before launching off in that direction, it seems fitting we should get one new track. This one was pinned by Tam, who was one of the main songwriters in Pop Singles (he also dropped a bunch of great demos earlier this year that you can hear HERE). I love how his voice gives way to a sort of heavier feel for the band; it’s almost psychedelic in nature, which adds another layer to the band’s arsenal. Just a steady pop song I reckoned you’d enjoy on a Monday if you’re listening. Time Permits is out Friday via Tenth Court!

Permits Share World in Numbers

Been real weird lately, but I feel like the Australian scene is just hitting that sweet spot, and Permits are just another act that feels like they’ve kind of weaseled their way into my soul. I love the sort of garage-y swagger, almost falling off the rails, opening that sets the tone on their latest single. Still, not to be stuck in one direction, they take a left turn right before the 1 minute mark, almost with a little that sort of arrogant assuredness you’d associate with Jarvis Cocker…and suddenly the song opens up into something you never saw coming. It’s a roller coaster of incredible pop sounds, which makes Time Permits a promising release; it’s out on November 26th via Tenth Court.

The Permits Announce Time Permits LP

I had no idea there was a Permits until the other day, which just goes to show you how important it is to keep an eye on your favorite acts; the band is a super-group of sorts, gathering up members of Chook Race, Dag, Pop Singles and the Shifters to help one another wrap up odds and ends of songs they had left from their various projects. They ultimately recorded the record in a short time with Jesse Williams of Girlatones (who also put out a brilliant LP this year!), then they’ve been working through the pandemic on overdubs and final tweaks. Just one listen, and you get what you’re looking for; you get that nostalgic NYC underground pop sound, spun through the lens of the best musicians in Australia. Pretty much the perfect way to introduce yourself to the world I reckon; Time Permits will be out on November 26th via Tenth Court.

Introduction Share Red Light Video

I suppose a label’s reliability is the theme of today, with another one of my favorite Aussie labels, Tenth Court, sharing the latest from their forthcoming release. The trio that makes up Introduction formed in 2019 to escape the mundane male musical landscape. Here, both video and song take you into another realm; in a faint way, it reminds me of Tan Cologne, sort of creating this mysterious cinematic planet we get to briefly inhabit. Listening through on repeat, you kind of feel like you’re suspended in the air, floating while these minimal little beats warp in and out of your ear. It’s been a minute since I’ve heard a group embrace simplicity so successfully; their EP will be out on June 19th.

Sachet Share Arncliffe Babylon

I’m a really big fan of off-kilter punk of the pop sort, which is exactly what Sydney’s Sachet are offering on their latest single. The way they write their choruses sort of forces you to sort of lose your balance; you’re intoxicated and hooked, but you can’t find your feet beneath you. Still, one of the more endearing qualities from the group is their bubblegum choruses, as if they know you need to wash your ears of those discordant twanging guitars they’ve been brandishing. It’s simultaneously rough and saccharine, which is the perfect way for us to move into Thursday. Look for the band’s Net LP on April 30th via Tenth Court!

Mystery Guest Share The Red Dance Video

Wondering what’s hot in that hip Melbourne scene? Right now it seems like it’d be good to place your bets on Mystery Guest. The group offer up this super low-key club vibe, using the first 1.5 minutes to seduce you with this deep bubbling pulse working beneath smoothed melodic vocal notes. You get an energetic uptick afterwards, with the song taking on a shimmering sparkle with tribal rhythms and keyboard stabs. It’s not exactly a club bang, which is perhaps why I’m drawn to it; it feels a little more nuanced and carefully crafted, drawing out the emotional release rather than beating you over the head with it. This tune will be out on the duo’s debut LP, Octagon City, which drops March 6th via Tenth Court.

Sachet Share New Single

When one ship sinks, sometimes a new ship sets sail, as is the case of Lani and Sam, who have embarked upon a new ocean voyage with Sachet…whilst their old band, Day Ravies lays at the bottom of the sea. Our first listen to the band’s new album has the group slicing up angular guitars licks like they’re going out of fashion. Lani’s vocals, however, offer this heavy dosage of pop sensibility, churning it into higher octaves to further the band’s lofty goals of hook-laden post-punk. They turn the song’s direction towards scuzzier pop methods around the 1:30 mark, only to circle back to wrap the tune up. This jam will appear on Nets, which drops in September courtesy of Tenth Court.

Turn Up Rex Wonderful and the Silk Sheets

Already a fan of Wireheads, I got turned towards this Rex Wonderful and the Silk Sheets tune via RSTB (which should be daily reading). It starts off a fuzzy plodding jaunt, steady drumming propelling the song. Immediately, vocals are presented with an air of indifference, thrown flippantly through your speakers…maybe even with a bit of disdain. While the groove is the centric force behind the soon, I’m drawn to the way the guitar work jangles in and out of the track, giving a slight bit of discordant noise to the tune. This jam will appear on the new Ego Death tape that drops this week via Tenth Court.


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