Brand New Track from The BVs

The BVs won me over last year with the release of Speaking From a Distance, and they’re readying their brand new EP, Interpunktion for release next week! Today, the band are sharing the EP’s statement piece, an almost 9 minute opus of wonderful guitar work. You get the impression that you’re in a scene driving through an unnamed countryside, only the car’s going slowly, letting you soak up every last chord the band delivers. Chords twinkle, hint at jangling, but have this spirited calm that completely captivates listeners. But, don’t fret BVs fans, as several of the tracks on the EP still feature lyrical content, but you’ll have to grab it from the band’s label, Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten to pick it up on February 9th.

Stream Great Indiepop from The BVs

Feel as if its been slow this year in the realm of indiepop, but as the year progresses, there’s a bunch of stuff on the horizon, like the debut full length from the BVs. I appreciate how the band manages to balance the traditional jangling bits with hazier elements between songs; you get the feeling that Speaking From a Distance might be the most balanced indiepop release in some time. While the LP doesn’t come out for a few weeks, figure its best to keep you satiated by tossing out a stream of the record before its April 7th release date.

Fresh Indiepop from The BVs

thebvsEarly last week this track from The BVs bounced around, enchanting all the big indiepop nerds on the Internet. I felt like I’d let it settle in a bit, then hit you with the band’s new tunes again, just so you had a way to feel good about your world. I like the variance in the two songs below…one offers you a more traditional indiepop, jangly feel, while the other has this melancholy bedroom pop vibe to it. In a world with so much music coming out, it’s great to revisit the beauty in tracks like these. Apparently they’ll also appear on an album to come later, but for now, you’ve got these to sample.

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