Last Week’s Jams, Today (4.11 – 4.15)

Hello there Monday. We’re starting off with a bunch of jams this week that we gladly covered, though admittedly some were pretty obscure, which I’m totally cool with today. The most popular tunes we had out come from a couple of Tims, but we had new music from Ceremony and the Citradels. I was introduced to Guy Capecalatro III last week, and while we wait for his new album to stream, I included an older tune in hopes it finds you looking for new meaningful voices. Sit back, turn it on and let time pas you by.

The Citradels Share To Antares

What does a band do when they’ve made ten album together? How do you keep the energy and creativity flowing? For Melbourne’s The Citradels, they built their own modular synthesizer in order to explore the way electronic sounds could influence their creativity. If you’re here, you’ll likely find yourself captivated by the heavy wash of synthetic sounds; it easily fits in line with everything else going on out there, toying with haziness and melodic undercurrents. The vocals build those pop textures, playing off the dense mood by providing these sort of symphonic notes a la early Grizzly Bear or even the Beach Boys. We’ll keep you posted as more comes from the band, but for now enjoy the tune.