Another Jam from The Coathangers

coathangersThe Coathangers are really going all out with their latest record, pulling out all the stops to really blow away their audience.  Their latest track is a bit different from its predecessor, sounding more like what we’ve come to know from the ladies, though with an improved recording.  Guitars are ringing quickly and the hook created by the lyrical delivery is going to leave you anxiously awaiting more from the band.  Luckily, you won’t have to wait too long, as the group’s Suck My Shirt comes out in a little over a month courtesy of Suicide Squeeze Records.

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Sharp Rocker from The Coathangers

coathangersAh yes, the full length effort I’ve been waiting for from The Coathangers is just around the corner! I love the bratty vocal approach that works in conjunction with the jagged buzzing guitar chords, but just as that puts you into a stomping trance, the ladies blast off into a catch little chorus featuring classic “whoas.”  Like most great things, it flirts with hooks and danger, yet remains focused throughout the song.  Suicide Squeeze Records will be releasing the new album, Suck My Shirt, on March 18th.

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Rock of Love from Audacity

audacityEarlier in the month I posted a Coathangers song that was going to be featured on a split 7″ with Audacity, and now I’ve got the other side of the 7″ to swoon over.  The pummeling pace from the drums is enough to stir my punk rock emotions up, but I freaking love the guitar work here too.  It’s sharp and still holds onto the furious edge that’s provided by the percussion.  It blasts through, creating a riotous mood that sinks into your bones before it fades out of your speakers.  You want to get amped up? Then pick up this split 7″ from Suicide Squeeze Records. The band will also be popping in Austin on October 24th, and we plan to be there jump up and down with the group!

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New Single from The Coathangers

artworks-000054693838-8vayzf-t500x500I’ve backed the power of the Coathangers for some time now, and things won’t change now that the group have announced an up-coming split with Audacity (another ATH fave).  On this split, the girls offer a gruffer vocal, which is actually a welcome touch; it makes the girls seem a touch more hardcore, not that they really needed it.  But, I also like the steady approach of the songwriting; it has a resemblance to the ferocity of early YYYs, yet they pull back in their own way.  The split 7″ will be available from Suicide Squeeze Records on October 15th.

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Quiet Track from White Woods

White Woods Big Talking Corner Town 7"I first discovered the work of White Woods when The Coathangers announced that their singer Julia would be doing a little side project.  I loved the first 7″ that came out, and this new one is even more beautiful, demonstrating how far she can step away from her garage rock mainstay.  It’s such a peaceful track, with Julia’s voice carefully laid atop the quiet instrumentation.  If you’re familiar with her main project, you’ll be amazed at such a stark contrast.  The new 7″ is up for pre-order now from Suicide Squeeze Records.

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New Punk Tune from The Coathangers

I’ve backed the ladies in the Coathangers for some time, and as their star continues to rise, the group only seems to get better and better.  Suicide Squeeze just announced today that they’ll be releasing a new split 7″ with the band and label mates, Heavy Cream.  This is my first listen, and it’s as bratty and catchy as I remember the group from when they came into Austin just a short bit ago. Really stoked to see what these ladies can pull off on their next full-length, so stay tuned!


Download:The Coathangers – Merry Go Round [MP3]

Show Preview: Red 7 6th Anniversary @ Red 7 (8/2)

Date Thursday, August 2nd
Location Red 7
Doors 900 pm
Tickets $10 from Frontgate

It’s the 6th year for local venue Red 7, and they’ve got an absolutely killer weekend of shows for you.  It all starts off Friday with some of our favorite acts playing their second show of the week at the club.  The Coathangers will be the headliner on the evening, with the three girls bring their onslaught to the stage.  They’ll be accompanied by Jaill, one of my personal favorites, playing songs from their recent album, Traps.  You’ll also get local boys The Golden Boys starting off the night in the right fashion.  It’s going to be a great week for Red 7, so be sure to get out and show the venue some love.


Download:The Coathangers – Smother [MP3]

Show Preview: Jaill @ Trailer Space Records (8/1)

Date Wednesday, August 1st
Location Trailer Space Records
Doors 700 pm
Tickets FREE (Donations Encouraged

The end of the week here in Austin is jam packed with killer shows, so you better start your night off the right way with a free show over at Trailer Space Records.  As always, it’s BYOB, with donations encouraged to help out the bands.  You’ll get to see Jaill, who just released the excellent Traps on Sub Pop, so there’s some solid pedigree (they’ll also play the following night at Red 7).  You can also catch The Coathangers, who just released a solid 7″ with Suicide Squeeze for the singles club, plus opening the night is Austin’s own John Wesley Coleman.  It’s free, it’s early, and you can buy records. No excuse not to see it.


Download:Jaill – Waste A Lot Of Things [MP3]


Mellow Tune from White Woods

You might recognize Julia Kugel as the guitarist/vocalist from the Coathangers, a band that’s graced our Interweb space on various occasions. This time around, however, she comes to us via her side-project, White Woods, offering up this really dreamy number that you’re pretty much guaranteed to love.  You’ll find the below track as part of Suicide Squeezes Single Series, who continue to put out some incredible single collections for a limited run.  For me, this is a really interesting place to find Kugel, as I didn’t expect this from her at all, but I’ve been swept off my feet by this song.  Give it a listen, or two…do you feel the same?


Download: White Woods – Where Did You Go [MP3]

Power Rocker from The Coathangers

It’s Monday, so you’ve got to kick things off with a nice rocker, so that’s why I’m offering you up this sweet little number from The Coathangers.  The group’s running a split 7″ with friends, Davila 666, on a limited press from Suicide Squeeze, which will hit on April 17th.  Just one listen to this and you’ll have enough energy to get yourself through the day–banging drums and stuttering sharp edged guitars always do it for me.  If you dig this, be sure to keep an eye out for the group, as they’re one of thousands making their way to Austin for SXSW.


Download:The Coathangers – Smother [MP3]

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