The Skating Party + The Death of Pop

lathecutHidden Gem Records have just released this ridiculously beautiful split lathe 7″ from The Skating Party and the Death of Pop. The Skating Party tune is marvelous, sounding like a less electronic version of Radio Dept, brimming with an undercurrent of pop sensation that’s inescapable. On the flip, the Death of Pop tune unfolds with a slight hint of jangle, yet still beholden to dreamier soundscapes (with slightly more energy). You can grab this special collection of songs from Hidden Gem HERE.

Hidden Gem Records Release Colorwheel Compilation

FrontJpgSmallThis Colorwheel Compilation popped up in my mailbox earlier this week, so I’ve been spinning it for the last few days.  First, Hidden Gem Records is a little label in Philly, not unlike our own ATH label, just trying to put out tunes they love.  Second, the compilation was always going to win me over, compiling bands we’ve already filled these pages with such as Tape Waves, Night Panther, the Death of Pop.  You can stream several of the tracks that appear on the compilation below, and for those fans of great pop music, you’ll want to go HERE to grab yourself a copy.  It comes on a rad swirled colored vinyl.

Catchy Number from the Death of Pop

deatI really appreciate labels that do incredibly interesting projects, which is how I feel about the new piece of work that’s coming your way soon via Art Is Hard Records.  The British label is going to be releasing a new 7″ from the Death of Pop on flexi disc, and while that’s great, they’ll also be including a 20 page zine with your order, making it more than just your ordinary 7″ single.  It’ll give you a download for their latest EP, which features the tune we’ve got here.  It’s a bit of a jangling pop song, but also holds little hints of dreamy shoegaze; combining those two elements is rarely done as well as it is below.  Take a listen, and order HERE.


Download: The Death of Pop – Whenever [MP3]