Last Week’s Jams (9.18 – 9.22)

Last week was kind of light on the tunes, at least from my end of things. That being said, it was a pretty heavy week in terms of tunes that made me swoon. We got to premiere new stuff from Citric Dummies and Red Pants, which rule, equally. Of course, it was nice to see our pals in Voxtrot take back up their crown as master of pop; Bubblegum Lemonade was another friend making a return with new music too! All that, and I haven’t even touched on the Lower Plenty track that nearly broke me listening to it. The Serfs and Dancer both had great new music out there; those hit from Alien Nosejob and the Exbats on Goner Records didn’t hurt either. Maybe light on coverage in lieu of our recent weeks, but so much great stuff to dig into here.

The Exbats Go Riding with Paul

I’m sure folks will label it as kitsch or shtick, but I can’t really think of a band more charming and sincere than the Exbats. They seem a band destined to dwell on the outskirts of every genre, yet able to move between them all; the father/daughter-led outfit have this timelessness that’s simply irresistible. On this tune, Inez is definitely channeling 60s vocal powerhouses like Mary Weiss or Ronnie Spector. While perhaps rooted in classic pop sounds, they still manage to incorporate tons of modern touches that drag the sound into the present…be it the way backing vocals were done or the shaking close to the tune. Goner Records will help the band release Song Machine on October 13th!

Last Week’s Jams (8.7 – 8.11)

Admittedly, we might have outdone ourselves last week; I’m fairly certain I’m the one to blame. Somehow, we tossed up 40 songs, though a few are unavailable in the streaming sites, so you’ve only got 38 tracks on this week’s playlist. There’s a ton of Austin stuff, with new music from Daiistar, Semihelix, Half Dream and more…obligatory A Giant Dog is in there and such. Plus, still continuously impressed by the magic that is Prewn. Oh, and Australia’s buzzing at the moment, and their music isn’t half-bad either, with new tracks from the Small Intestines and Soft Covers being considered as must listens. So, if you’ve got an hour or two to kill…go on and stream!

The Exbats Share Like It Like I Do Video

It looks like 2023 is the year of really kick ass family bands; we had Big Blood‘s stellar record and now the Exbats have announced their newest LP for Goner Records. Inez Mclain and her father Kenny definitely have a penchant for looking back to the past for their sound, but I think Inez’s performance is so strong that it’s really hard to imagine her rocking out anywhere other than where we find her. That soulful voice is accompanied by some oohs and ahhs, but with the stomping beat and snapping guitar lines you can certainly feel a modern rock ethos. A fun tune to kick off your Friday! Song Machine is out on October 13th.

The EXBATS Announce Now Where Were We

The EXBATS are a dream for any father/daughter rock n’ roller; the band is made up of Kenny McClain and his daughter Inez, rounded out with Bobby Carlson on bass. But, I have no talent, musically, so my daughter is out of luck. Regardless, the EXBATS have just announced a new album for Goner Records, and dammit if you’re not going to fall for it in the biggest way. On the surface, you do get that sort of classic 60s sugar-pop, but beneath that, there are hints at sort of early 80s punk (thinking Blondie here), not to mention the jangles that swept overseas from Flying Nun; its a huge sound, no doubt aided by recording with Matt Rendon of the Resonars. Now Where Were We will be out on October 22nd!

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