File Under Indiepop: The Keep Left Signs

11393329_10153538320074014_8047800131827082902_oThis week’s been really slow musically, and I can expect with CMJ that next week will be much the same. So, with that, I’ve done some hard core browsing of the net. It gets boring posting the same thing as P4K which is the same thing as Stereogum…it’s an endless cycle of been there done that. Luckily, I stumbled across this great band that I know nothing about, The Keep Left Signs. In fact, there’s little to no information on the group, other than the demo tracks below…and a poster with their name on it that also features FireworksThe Garlands and The Electric Pop Group. Those names and these songs have me convinced. You?

New(ish) Music from The Garlands

Those of us in love with indie pop have been awaiting the release of The Garlands for what seems like an eternity, but the time is finally upon us.  The Swedish group has finally polished up their self-titled work, with a vinyl release date scheduled for November 27th via the folks over at Shelflife Records.  It’s going to be a very limited release, making the blissful pop a necessity for all the fans of such things.  The one song they’ve got up currently is full of energy and jangling goodness, not to mention lofty vocal melodies.  If you’re not digging this, then you have no heart.


Download:The Garlands – Open Arms [MP3]