Last Week’s Jams, Today (September 7 – 10)

Welcome to another Monday my friends. First, taking a minute here, as I’m writing this post, to celebrate the 7 day young Rhys Bennett Lankford! That’s right, went and had me another one of those kids, and its been a lot of fun, and well, we’re super stoked on the lil’ fella. That said, we also had a short week, so maybe we didn’t get as many jams in as we might otherwise. But, rest assured, we’ve got a pretty solid little collection of tunes here for you to begin your week, with quite a few ATX appearances from the likes of Lola Tried, American Friend and more. You know what to do, press play and stuff.

The Hepburns with Estella Rosa (of Nah)

Despite the tragic circumstances we find ourselves in, this pandemic has brought us some really great projects that seem to have sprung out of the need to create, like this new tune from the Hepburns, featuring Estella Rosa of indiepop outfit Nah. Pressing play, you will find that the band adhere to a sort of jazzy lounge version of indie pop, where the jangles are a bit more subtle and the vocals have a little more pizzaz. It doesn’t hurt that Estella lends her melodic notes here, almost as if she’s joining the band in the roll of full-time back-up singer…though her performance is anything but. The song will feature on the joint venture between the two called Architecture of the Ages, out soon via Elefant Records.