Great Jam from The Intelligence

For months I’ve waited for the official word on the newest record from The Intelligence, one of my favorite acts.  Luckily, the album came my way last week, and now I get to share with you one of the reasons I’m so excited for you to hear Everybody’s Got It Easy But Me; it hits stores on June 19th via In the Red.  It’s a rambunctious jittery rocker with a discordant guitar chord that rings in the background throughout. If you get your hands on the whole album you’ll also realize that this band’s got a knack for writing hooks within the realm of arty guitar rock.


Download:The Intelligence – (They Found Me In The Back Of) The Galaxy [MP3]

New Music From The Intelligence

Seattle based band The Intelligence are a simple band with a simple approach to pop music.  The single below “Like Like Like Like Like Like Like” will best convey their idea of less is more.  You can expect this tune to appear on the band’s upcoming 6th full length album Males hitting stores next week on In the Red Records.


Download: The Intelligence – Like Like Like Like Like Like Like [MP3]

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