Show Preview: Smokescreens at Hotel Vegas (8/23)

Thursday night is as good a night as any for a rock show, and all of Austin is in for a treat, should they choose to visit Hotel Vegas on said night. You get two great traveling acts in the Molochs and Smokescreens, the latter associated to our site’s highly regarded fave label, Slumberland Records…not to mention a Terry Malts/Business of Dreams connection. If you haven’t, as we suggested, picked up Used to Yesterday, then we suggest you do so now. The Molochs, for their part, will likely play a good deal off their forthcoming LP, Flowers in the Spring, so why not sneak a peak? And, both Tres Oui and the Zoltars will be peforming on the night, both ATH approved! Doors are at 9!

New Music from The Molochs

There’s two things that come to mind when I play this new track from The Molochs: one, you can most assuredly hear California coming through your speakers; two, this sounds like a sly nod to Britpop (particularly 94′ era Oasis). To me, both things are great reasons to jam this song on repeat; it’s crunchy in just the right spots, but mostly melodic throughout…so I’m easily charmed. Plus, the group have Flowers in the Spring coming your way in September, and since their last LP was a hit, you can pretty much guarantee this one will be equally enjoyable; it drops via Innovative Leisure.

More From The Molochs

unnamed-2Man these guys in The Molochs are really pumping out some solid tunes in preparation for their new record. We’ve already heard the western boogie in lead single “No More Cryin'” and now we’re treated to another gem with this second single “You and Me”. It seems perfect to me that this band is from southern California because their sound is a perfect homage to late 60s SoCal pop music. This album is going to be on of the year’s best.

Pick up new album America’s Velvet Glory on January 13th via Innovative Leisure.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=4217333162 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=63b2cc tracklist=false artwork=none track=85548243]

Western Boogie From The Molochs

13411931_1065602526865943_2012251016579006195_oI’m always looking for songs that are a little outside of the realm of what I normally listen to, but that still fit the bill as infectious and exciting. This track from The Molochs, out of LA, called “No More Cryin'” is different and delightful– a groovy ditty that will lodge itself into your day and beg you to listen again and again. From the sound of this group, you might imagine that they’d be from here in Texas, or somewhere southern, as they’ve got a definite honky tonk sound to the jangly beat. Perhaps it’s the intermittent harmonica that chimes in and out of the mix, or the crunchy bass line that begs for toe tapping and head bobbing. What’s also great about this song is the story that it tells in between the catchy, sing-along, chorus. So tip your cowboy hat to these Californians and give the track below some well-deserved attention.

America’s Velvet Glory will be out January 13th via Innovative Leisure Records. Pre-order it here.


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