The New Division’s Fascination

Fascination is the first of two new EPs from The New Division. Title track video is embedded; this song is strong. The current release includes a bad ass instrumental track “Glass Jaw” and the smopoth synth-pop goodness of “Hope”, while “Faceless is an EP only track. Modus follows next month, with “Tonight” up to stream. I dig the multi-EP idea to get some tracks out there when ready, but a full LP is due at the end of the year, all on Kunkel’s Division87 label.

PYAITK: Digital Shades

Several years back, I raved about The New Division. While they have stayed on my playlists, I have neglected to share any recent tracks. In checking in on the band, I learned that John Kunkel has teamed with James Meays, Missing Words, for a project called Digital Shades.

It triggers thoughts of all the glorious, yet brooding synth pop that feels slow and fast at the same time. I pick up tension in space left between notes and treatment of vocals as songs build and move towards shining guitar crescendo to drop to a synth hook or momentary silence. The recently released EP is called Moonraker, “I’m Still Here” is a pleasant intro. You will get your Alphaville, Ultravox, M83 vibe strings pulled.

PYAITK: I Dig This New Division Track

We first featured The New Division a few years back with a track called “Opium”. While they have sent out some work recently, this one stuck with me. The new record Gemini is being released June 2nd and “Copycat” has been my favorite thing previewed so far. It is the synthy goodness I fall sucker to with bass-lines that evolve from disco to wave and darker progressions, eliciting M83 and all bands that influenced them.

So I share, because I care.

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New Dream Jam from The New Division

I’d regret not giving a shout out to my ladyfriend who raved about The New Division months ago, and due to my need for heavier music during the Spring, I sort of put it off, until now. This Cali group will be releasing their new album, Shadows, on September 27th, furthering my belief that September is going to be a killer month for music. Hearing this first single, “Opium,” I feel as if the band is going for sort of a Cut Copy feel, but with a darker tint, rather than the sharp edges of the aforementioned. Still, you can definitely shake it to this track, or just let it wash over you, either way is acceptable.


Download: The New Division – Opium [MP3]