Lachlan and Snowy Release Phone In

I’ve no qualms stating that anything loosely affiliated with the Ocean Party will likely get space on our site, but even more so if its got great songs, like the latest release from Lachlan & Snowy (now of Pop Filter, among others). In fact, Lachlan reached out to let me know the project began as sort of a joke, but when you’ve got two great songwriters and friends, its hard to keep great music buried. There’s maybe a few tunes lurking in here that you could maybe forgive for being playful recording banter, but even then, you’re not going to find many songs better than “Blame it on the Seasons” or “Triple End; I just don’t know how you call either of those tunes ‘jokes” in the grand scheme of things. Honestly, one of those tunes might be one of my favorite of the week! Go ahead and find yourself falling in love with two great friends writing music together. Stream Phone In below:

Stream Michael Angelheart’s Best of Vol. 1 2012-2017

Michael Angelheart has spent the better part of the last decade playing in Scott and Charlene’s Wedding, a band that had him bouncing back and forth between Melbourne and NYC, not to mention the various tours around the world. In that time, he was able to record a bunch of tunes on his own with friends from Real Estate and the Ocean Party (both bands we adore), and now those are all put together in one great record. As you’d expect, the record is filled with great little guitar pop tunes like standout single “What If You,” though I’ll admit I’m really partial to “Holding on for the High” and “LSD (Got a Hold On Me).” There’s bound to be something for you all in here, so dig into Michael’s Best of Vol. 1 2012-2017.

Snowy Band Announce Audio Commentary

Snowy Band is the recording project of Liam Halliwell, who you might recognize as one of the core members of the Ocean Party; he’s also played on a ton of your favorite Melbourne band’s records too…he’s all over the place. Today, news comes across the great pond of a new album titled Audio Commentary, which will be released at the end of March via Osborne Again. Our first listen is this really solemn ballad, gentle in its presentation, with each note carefully presented so Liam can allow his voice to blanket them in a calming warmth. The chorus builds in a special moment, with Halliwell’s voice raised up with support of his backing band, which includes ATH fave Emma Russack. A special moment awaits you if you press play below.

Lachlan Denton Shares New Tune

Lachlan Denton and his brother Zac were part of my favorite Aussie outfit, The Ocean Party, with each working on their own side-projects along the way. But, as many of you know, Zac passed away suddenly last year, leaving a lasting impression on all of us. Now, with a new tune from Lachlan Denton & Studio Magic, we hear Lachlan coming to grips with the impression Zac left on his own life. It’s creates a strange contradiction whilst listening: the song is beautiful and yet the lyrical content is heartbreaking…still, you’re captivated by both aspects, perhaps the lasting mark that will remain with listeners as they absorb A Brother, the new LP out next week via Bobo Integral/Osborne Again.

Lachlan Denton & Studio Magic Share “The Time We Had”

Lachlan Denton is nearing the release of his upcoming LP, A Brother, which is a tribute to his lost brother, Zac, of The Ocean Party. From that record, he’s released the video for the track, “The Time We Had,” which is a beautiful and twinkling soft rock tune that looks back on lost time with fondness. It’s ultimately a track about holding a memory strongly in your heart and using that memory as fuel to press on in your day to day life. Denton sings “The time we had is worth more than anything / Far greater than its length / And for that it’s you I thank.” This track is a powerful one, layers of meandering guitars, delicate synth swells, soft percussion and poignant and wistful lyrics. Take a listen and then pre-order A Brother here before it’s out on July 2.


One Last Ocean Party Release

Tragedy struck the Ocean Party late last year, with the passing of Zac Denton. But, before that, the band, who had typically written all their songs together, suggested the idea they should all write their own EPs, to spotlight their various songwriting talents. Zac went home to record his, encouraging the others to add to it as they saw fit, though there was no hurried schedule. When he passed, the band went to add their parts, to add to the storied life of an incredible songwriter gone too young. Nothing Grows marks what is the last Ocean Party release, dropping in a limited quantity on Emotional Response here in the States.

Zac Denton of the Ocean Party Passes Away

I’m generally a man of few emotions, but news of the passing of Zac Denton is hitting me pretty hard. I released one LP from the Ocean Party on my label, mostly due to the fact that I kept in close contact via the Internet with the band. Since those days, they’ve pulled out several other releases, all excellent. I was fortunate to host the group on their US tour, and I spent a few days trying to get the band accustomed to Texas. I remember Zac as this giant of a man, with an even bigger smile; he worked the stage like an aged veteran, he was just this gentle giant happy to be playing music with his friends. It’s strange how chance encounters leave lasting impressions, and I’m sure everyone whose spent time with the Ocean Party feels the same great loss. My thoughts are with his brother Lachlan, the band and his family.

In honor of Zac, the group have released their new LP The Oddfellow’s Hall a few days ahead of its release; you can stream it below.

Stunning New Track from The Ocean Party

I’ve made no secret of my adoration for The Ocean Party over the years, but every time I feel like I’ve peaked, they go off and release something incredible. Their latest single teases you, sliding in ever so quietly…touch of electronic atmosphere and voice opens; then guitar and gang vocals join before the beat kicks the track forward. The forlorn keyboards and meandering guitar would be enough, but suddenly the tune bursts forth, slide guitar and full band working away. It creates one of those magical moments you get so rarely in pop music, the sort that makes you feel lucky to even be here listening. Their new LP, The Oddfellows Hall, drops on November 9th via Emotional Response/Spunk Records.

And Yet Another New Track from the Ocean Party

There’s a rule here at ATH, apparently. If the Ocean Party want to share a new song, we’re going to share it. It’s honestly one of my favorite groups, period. The diversity in songwriting alone makes the band like a hydra of pop sensibility. This new turn has this sense of longing, particularly in the way the vocal notes curl at the end. Musically, it’s steady and solemn, with slide guitar shooting off through the track’s distance. Plus, the last 40 seconds are definitely a nice extra musical bonus for listeners. The Oddfellows Hall will be out November 9th via Spunk/Emotional Response.

Did You Stream the Latest Ocean Party LP

I.B.O., the latest LP from our Aussie friends The Ocean Party just dropped, and we wanted to make sure you had a chance to hear it in its entirety; should only take about 12 minutes. The great thing, and quite a change, is the band challenged themselves to write 12 1 minute songs…SUCCESS! It has some staples from the band’s already accomplished sound, but there are tunes like “Fallin’ Off the Bone” that illustrate a completely different side of the group. Don’t worry if you feel like this just whets your appetite, making you thirst for more…there’s still a few months left in the year, so I’m sure we’ll get another Ocean Party release in some format! You can grab the LP from Emotional Response Records here in the States, or Spunk overseas.

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