Love the New Video/Song from The Parrots

The Parrots will probably get a lot of hype merely by their association with Hinds, but every time I hear this song, I get transported to their SXSW sets. They were some of the most energetic/enjoyable sets I caught that week, and this song was by far one of the most memorable. It even features a nod to Austin itself with the sporting of a Hotel Hot Burrito tee, so yet another reason for me to get behind this track. Their debut album Los Ninos Sin Miedo will hit on August 26th via Heavenly Recordings, promising to be a catchy bit of crunchy garage pop for us all.

New Music from The Parrots

12976780_1152976111399740_1616804687384298780_oSo, SXSW is a few weeks old, but the two memories that stand out the most in my mind are following around The Spook School for a few days like a fanboy, and this band, The Parrots. Honestly, I had only briefly heard about them via an out-of-date video they did with their friends in Spain, Hinds. But, their live performance was outstanding, and possibly one of the best I’ve seen in some time…especially considering they’re only a three piece. This new song captures some of that live tenacity, while illustrating just how much fun the band seem to have playing together; it’s not something you often catch in a recording. You’ll hear this track from the band’s debut album, which is slated for release via Heavenly Recordings later this year.

Buzzy Beyond Belief Garage Rock From The Parrots

theparrotsYou probably aren’t familiar with The Parrots, as they are from Madrid are just now starting to gain some traction over here stateside, but it’s time to change that. The moment you press play on the track below, “I’m Not Alone,” you’ll realize just what you’ve been missing out on and become enamored with their infectiously lo-fi sound. The vocals are all kinds of wild here, uncontrolled while those guitar hooks spin you round and round. This track is part of a new EP from these guys, called Weed For the Parrots, which will be released June 22nd via Luv Luv Luv Records.