Get Serenaded By Scott Yoder

After many years fronting Seattle based band The Pharmacy, Scott Yoder stepped out on his own last year with surprising debut Looking Back in Blue. Well he’s back at it again this year with an album in the works entitled A Fool Aloof coming later this year on Burger Records (pre-order here). To preview the new material, Scott sent over his latest single “Ways of Love”. I love the throwback style of the song as Yoder croons to us over a psych themed background. I’ve already hit repeat on this one about 5 times today…

Greenway Records is releasing a 7″ vinyl version of the song available on September 28th. Pre-order that one too while your at it.

Mellow Tune From Scott Yoder

yoderI’ve already shared quite a bit of louder, more upbeat, numbers with you today so I thought I’d even out the mix with a gentler tune. This track, from Scott Yoder‘s (The Pharmacy) debut solo release, is by no means a snoozer, rather it’s a well crafted bluesy acoustic blend that relies on the strong vocals of the front man. So ease on into this tune, and lookout for the debut record from Yoder, which shares the name of this track, and is out March 25th via Annibale Records.


Another Track from The Pharmacy

Pharmacy-blog-534x380I’m really expecting this new album from The Pharmacy to catch a lot of ears, especially considering that I felt their first album, Stoned and Alone, was vastly underrated.  This brand new single has a slower pace to it, which illustrates the band’s growth since their first release.  The guitars are taking their time, weaving a world of country-tinged chords that allow for the vocals to really take in all the focus.  If you’re a fan of Natural Child, then Spells will definitely be something to look forward to; it’s being released by Old Flame Records on August 12th.


Download: The Pharmacy – Anna Bella [MP3]

Old Flame Records On a Roll This Summer

oldflameIt’s always great to see the success of labels that have worked diligently to foster acts they love, and that’s why I’m really impressed with the work of our friends over at Old Flame Records.  Next week they release the much anticipated Dead Stars LP, Slumber, but they’ve also got some other great things in the working.  They’ve got a new single from Shark?, which is this great instrumental jam that’s perfect to fit into the middle of your road trip mix tape.  Then, they’re working on the next release from The Pharmacy; they’re album Spells will be out on August 12th, and it’s definitely a jamming type record, filled with rock n’ roll swagger.  Take a listen to the two respective singles from each band below, “Big Summer” by Shark? and “Masten Lake Lagoon” by the Pharmacy; keep an eye on Old Flame.

[audio:] [audio:]

Show Review: The Pharmacy @ 29th St Ballroom (11/23)

Turkey has come and gone. After the joys of fambly and the crushing defeat at the hands of the Frogs from Ft. Worth, Friday night was bound to be better with a four band show at 29th St. Ballroom. The Pharmacy was in town and we had locals The Bad Lovers, Pharaohs, and Foreign Mothers to surround them in Keeping Austin Weird.

The locals were pegged in the corner of the bar stage while headliners took it to the big room for beer throwing, bass hanging, big jams and really drunk dude being happy (and then taking a nap).

Read on for a few more thoughts and plenty of pics.

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Show Preview: The Pharmacy @ 29th Street Ballroom 911.23)

Date Friday, November 23rd
Location 29th Street Ballroom
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets CHEAP

Those of you still in town for the holidays are going to be lucky to catch one of the hottest up and coming acts in the indie scene, The Pharmacy.  They’re coming into town to support the release this week of their record, Stoned & Alone.  And, as if it wasn’t enough to catch their hook-y rock n’ roll, you also get some other great acts opening from our great local scene, like The Bad Lovers, Pharaohs, and Foreign Mothers. If you’re in town, and you need to get away from your family for a little bit, this is the perfect excuse to slip away and rock it out.


Download:The Pharmacy – Baby Be [MP3]

Hooks Galore from The Pharmacy

Our boy Rob Mason runs the label Old Flame, and while it might not get all the press of some of the smaller heavy hitters, I’m pretty sure he’s got one of the best stables of bands, and he’s just added another one I know you’re going to love. The Pharmacy is a Seattle trio who are about to release their record Stoned & Alone via Rob on November 19th.  I hope it’s filled with pop ditties like this one; it packs a powerful punch in just under 2 minutes.  There’s no need with a hook like this to labor on forcefully; I like the restraint these dudes are showing.


Download:The Pharmacy – Baby Be [MP3]