Slept on This Salient Braves Tune

The latest track from The Salient Braves has been out for just 8 days, and I’m just now catching up! Luckily, great songs get to last in the world forever, and this is one of the band’s greatest songs. There’s so much to love, be it the gentle ringing of the guitars, the backing vocals that add depth or the occasional horn work. Of course, the British vocal affectation that always charms is ever present; it sounds in a strange way like The Wedding Present went for a straightforward pop record…and that’s okay in my book!

Brand New High Rise Finale

High Rise Finale first came to my attention because it’s a new project from Matt Bailey of The Salient Braves, who I adore. Of course, this project has some similarities, especially in the lyrical styling, but it’s a much more electronic adventure. He’s collaborating with Neil Ritchie, who helped produce some of his other work, and together they’ve just released this rad new tune. I dig how the synth work seems to elaborate or emphasize the syllables delivered by Bailey. Plus, the middle section of instrumentals shows just how carefully the group have crafted their electronic sounds. It’s pop music from the future, brought back to warm you up today.

Pleased to Meet You: High Rise Finale

It’s great when bands are created by mere circumstance, such as High Rise Finale. The group came to be when Matt Bailey was recording the latest LP from his main gig The Salient Braves with Neil Ritchie; the two quickly realized their affinity for classic synth pop sounds, thus leading to the band’s creation. Quickly they drafted 3 tracks, bringing in their friend Dani to flesh out “There For You” with vocals. I’m quite drawn to “Disarray,” which definitely seems rooted in classic UK pop sounds. Give it a listen below.

Start Your Day with The Salient Braves

For awhile, news of a new LP from the Salient Braves has been floating about. Now we’ve got a release date and a new song for you to start planning your purchase. This song is built on the back of a piano, incorporating the pleasant croon of the vocals to further the band’s brilliant use of melody. As the song moves on, touches of strings are added to the layers, building towards a more pronounced ending for the track. Their new records is titled Delusions of Grandeur, and it’s being released by Broken Down Records on September 22nd.

Fresh Indiepop from The Salient Braves

salientbravesIt’s really great to wake up in the morning to your favorite acts; first I had the Bats, and now this delightful tune from The Salient Braves. I love the way this tune just opens up, vocals delivered in a matter-of-fact style, dancing over the guitar lines whilst there’s a tinkering keyboard in the background. There’s a countering voice that offers the chorus to you, which has an angelic tone to it to bring in some contrast. This is one of those songs that makes me wish I was British; they have something in their delivery that seems more poetic. You’ll hear this song on the band Guilty Until Proven Innocent EP, which comes out on November 25th via Broken Down Records.

Brand New Indiepop from The Salient Braves

salientIt’s been a few years since we’ve been able to bring you anything new from The Salient Braves, but I’m sitting here smiling, letting the band’s indiepop vibes wash over me this morning. They’re set to release their new EP, They Must Have Seen Me Coming next week, and they’ve tossed us a few tracks to help encourage your listening. The EP’s title track has that traditional indiepop sound, ringing guitars circling the song’s central melody. They take a more casual approach on the second track offered, settling into the groove of the song immediately while you wait for the warm of the melodies to sing up in the track’s mix. Look for the EP next Friday via Broken Down Records.