Last Week’s Jams (5.29 – 6.2)

Felt like we covered a whole lot of territory last week, which was mostly me just working super hard to keep myself occupied over summer vacation. There were so many great songs that I felt people overlooked in the big indie world, such as the new stuff from Wireheads and Big Blood. Or maybe you can go on with the old dependable from Balmorhea, the Clienteleor High Water Marks. Going back through, definitely appreciating stuff like the Sheeps track and the Chopper tune too, so you’ve got plenty to be excited about when you burn through this playlist. Get on it.

The Sheeps Share Proof of Concept

If there was a track that completely encompassed everything about this week, somehow it’s this new tune from the Sheeps. There’s a steadiness to it, an almost routine and circular chug; it feels, to a degree like finding you’re footing in this weird old world. Even so, you get the feeling like you’re on some magnificent car ride to nowhere, but not bothered by that one bit. You’re just riding in the backseat, music blasting, sun shining on everyone in the care as you all grin from ear to ear. Feels like the promise of adventure, while simultaneously providing you with a sense of comfort, safety and familiarity. It’s all the things my friends, which is why I can’t get it out of my head.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (7.25 – 7.29)

I don’t know if you guys noticed, but RayRay got a new gig, so he’s had tons more time to get some sweet jams up! It’s great, as we definitely have some crossover, but also our own styles, so our playlists are probably much more diverse! I mean, just last week he premiered new Mother Sun and Peter Matthew Bauer, while I was rocking the heck out of Almond Joy and The Smashing Times. I mean, there’s no winner, but you! We also were able to get some old friends on the pages with Why Bonnie and Cam Bina! So, happy Monday to us all!

The Sheeps Share Seabird II

Sometimes I throw on a song, and I just get lost; I keep circling back to it, stuck on the melody or a brief moment in time that won’t leave my brain…and that’s what happened to the latest from the Sheeps. Musically, the band kind of toy with this lo-fi sensibility, though you can hear touches of the psych from the late 00s. I just keep coming back to the rise and fall of the vocals. When they come in, they’re very much sunny, something you’d expect to hear from Brian Wilson aficionados, but then they drop into this heavier tone, kind of spooky and weird, encouraging the seabird to fly to its home. Just jam out, and you’ll be glad you did!

The Sheeps Share BBI (These Days)

Long ago the Sheeps were part of the Austin scene, though they’ve since moved on to North Carolina; its a bummer that they’re not, as I’m pretty sure I’d be fighting off folks to release their music. They’ve got this sort of timeless pop vibe going through their tunes, something you’d expect to find going on in a hazy den somewhere in the late 60s. Of course, the band’s indifferent to your presence, so locked into what they’re doing here, offering a heavy croon and some poppy backing tracks to lift it up a bit into that sort of nu-paisely style. This track just sort of feels like I need it right now, like we all need it…or at least that’s where my brain is at!