Last Week’s Jams, Today (August 30 – September 3)

Well, today might be the beginning of a little decline for the next few weeks, as you’re likely going to be pressing play on this just as I’m bringing Nathan Jr. Jr. into the world. But, like him, you are blessed with these incredible tunes that graced our site last week, all of which will enable you to recover from your Labor Day doldrums. Hopefully this week brings you a great many things!

The Stick Figures Release Archeology

It’s always interesting to me when you get a reissue, and you’re likely, “damn, you sure this isn’t just the latest hits?” Floating Mill Records have announced Archeology, a compilation of sorts compiling work from Tampa’s The Stick Figures. Honestly, how has the world not clamored for this before; it sounds exactly like something you’d expect from Love Is All or Life Without Buildings, only way before their time. Rachel Evergreen’s voice sounds incredible behind those squalling guitars and driving rhythms, and frankly I can’t get it out of my head at all; there’s something in so passionate about the delivery it’s hard to imagine this band not being something incredibly huge. Perhaps this will put the group on your radar a bit. Archeology is out now via Floating Mill.