The Chairman Dances Share Dove’s Tail in Pink Light

The Chairman Dances have had me wrapped around their songwriting fingers for a few years now, and with The Strength of Your Arm on the horizon, it seems only fitting we dig into another tune. I really like the subtle nature of this track; to be fair, it reminds me of a Pains of Being Pure at Heart record if you stripped it completely bare, with the melodic notes shining through. What I’ve really enjoyed listening through this track is the way there’s this omni-present patience; the song seems content to unfold slowly, never really rushing, though still content to charm. This feels like a record I’ve already got marked for a favorite of the year; the Strength of Your Arm is out July 23rd.


The Chairman Dances Share New Single

The Chairman Dances are one of those bands that you treasure, keeping to yourself, except, when you can’t, because you want everyone to enjoy. You’ll find this single on the forthcoming LP, the Strength of Your Arm, which comes out at the end of July. For me, this song flirts with branding itself as sort of an indiepop tune, though you could easily just file it under a mellow brand of exploratory indie rock. The vocals are feathery, with light jangling bits coursing through the tune; I’ll be honest, however, as I feel there’s some resemblance here to the early charms of Death Cab, with the group really working to build in some textural elements throughout.