Jack Drag Has a New Album

Remember when Animal Collective were writing incredible pop songs that had everyone salivating? Well, I think you’ll find something similar in the music of John Dragonetti aka Jack Drag. The very first vocal entrance creates this soaring melody that immediately had me fawning for sunshine; it’s strange how a simple melody can transport you, but such is the power of this song. It also probably doesn’t hurt that Aimee Mann, a friend of John’s, had a hand in this tune, as did Dylan Gardner. Really, none of that even matters as the hook of this track supersedes everything else before you today. Look for the new LP, 2018, in September via Burger Records.

The Submarines @ Stubbs (2/3)

submarinesThe Submarines will be bringing their brand of catchy pop tunes to Stubbs this Tuesday evening.  The band will be co-headlining on the night along with The Morning BendersYou can have tickets for only $12.  Doors/music are at 10pm.  Here’s a song from the Submarines you might recognize from one of those famous ipod commercials called “You, me and the Bourgeoisie”.


Download: The Submarines – You Me and the Bourgeoisie [MP3]


This Aussie gentleman, Whitley, has been getting a lot of buzz lately so we thought it’d be a good time to jump on the hype machine.  Some of you may know that he put out an album about a year ago in Australia called The Submarines that received a ton of critical acclaim.  Now we the people of the United States will finally get our hands on this album September 30th.  Catch a preview of the album with “A Shot to the Stars” below.


Download: Whitley – A Shot to the Stars [MP3]