SXSW Interview: Blonde Maze

Blonde Maze is the project of New Yorker Amanda Steckler; she’s probably sitting at home right now crafting delighting electronic pop gems. She’s getting tons of traffic as of late, and we’ll hope you’ll take a little time out of your day to learn a touch more about her. She’ll be playing her set at Iron Bear Bar on March 14th at 10 PM. You can also stream a tune down below to catch the feels.

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Enjoying This Lightwash Tune

The guitar vibes immediately set you in the mood when you put on this Lightwash single. It’s important to take that to heart, as we’re being told that the band’s latest Half Hung EP isn’t meant to be scrutinized, only revered as a gem of pop songwriting. It does indeed accomplish its feat, at least on this track, with the vocals hanging on every note, fading out with the last syllable. Personally, I like the emphatic drum rolls giving an extra punch to the turning of words. Go on and jam it, then pick it up from Broken Circles on February 2nd.

Air Waves Release New Single and Album Today

Air WavesFriday’s got some good releases coming out, but I think one of my favorites this week has to be the new effort from Air Waves. I really enjoyed their debut, and have had Parting Glances on a steady rotation for the last few weeks. Today you can grab that record from Western Vinyl, but it comes with a new single to share as well…another that features Jana Hunter of Lower Dens fame. I like the darker undertones of this record, and song, especially when the track takes a pulsing turn on the latter half, anxiously pushing you towards the ending. Buy this album…you’ll be happy you did.