Indigo Bunting Drop Brand New Album

We were really happy that Indigo Bunting jumped on the Austin music scene, rising from the ashes of our faves Tiger Waves. Over the weekend, they quietly dropped their first L,P Clip Show, and boy are you in for a surprise. Opening track “Circus Circus” sounds just like the title, a collage of pop moments layered atop each other in an organized fashion. The whole album has the group at their most playful, and yet the most contemplative; take a listen to “Celia” for a perfect example on that note. You also won’t want to miss the standout tune, “Solitaire,” which might be one of my favorite tracks to come out of Austin this year! It sounds like Animal Collective just hung out with the Flaming Lips getting weird while listening to Coma Cinema…so you know I think it’s a win.

Introducing Indigo Bunting

Those of you following this site the last decade or so might already know a few of the fellas in Indigo Bunting, as they were active members of ATH faves, Tiger Waves. Today, the new project drops two new tunes to introduce themselves to the masses…and what promise these two songs give us! “Little Moonwheel” is a light-hearted folk style pop song; I’m quite impressed with the lush arrangements on the song…these guys have always had great care in the details of their songs. “Pull Trap” is more of a psychedelic pop adventure from outer space; I kind of see it as a grandchild of the more curious Elephant 6 acts. Two songs with two similar, yet diverse tastes…promising news from the Indigo Bunting camp. You can grab the tracks for NYP at Bandcamp.

Premiere: Brand New Tiger Waves Album

tigerLong have we loved Tiger Waves, through moves and line-up changes, and even a brief hiatus, I’ve always had their back…so I wanted you all to know that they’re giving away a brand new album of great songs. I asked for a single, and they suggested “Spectacle of You,” but after spending the better part of this morning with the release, it’s too good not to share the whole damn thing. You can grab it for NYOP, but please please please, have a soul. Give the band some cash, a dollar even…it goes a long way towards future recordings and life sustainability. Regardless, stream Tippy Beach below. The album also features local singer Jana Horn of Reservations.

ATX Spotlight: More New Tiger Waves Tunes

Tiger WavesAfter being relatively quiet for the last few years, the boys (and female friends) in Tiger Waves have been really hard at work. Today they unleashed another single they’ve been sitting on, and this time you’ve got two jams to get lost inside. Listening through, I’m continuously impressed by the band’s disregard for modern tropes, choosing instead to forge their own path. Take a listen to the second tune, “Turns to Sky,” which seems to employ the Brian Wilson everything and the kitchen sink method. Even with filling the space with sound, they still craft these undeniable melodies that you can’t pull yourself away from. Still no word on when all this comes out, or how, but when it does, it is destined to be well-loved.

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ATH Premiere: Tiger Waves Return w/ Jana Horn

tigerwavesWhat great news! Two of our favorite artists working together! I’ve fawned over Tiger Waves, well, since pretty much ever. And, the last few years we’ve praised Jana Horn and her work with Reservations; we’ve even recorded a take-away show with her that will never come to light as long as she continues to pay the ransom. But, today the unleash a new song upon the world, and it is the perfect blend of their separate talents. It plays on the craftsmanship of Tiger Waves songwriting, which lives somewhere in the world between and hazy modern tropes. Then it brings Horn’s perfect voice into the fold, leaving listeners with what’s a near perfect track. Personally, I love the little heartbeat guitar line lurking in the background. You should go donate some funds to the band, as this single is currently NYOP…meaning give them money so they can keep recording such magic. 

ATX Spotlight: Tiger Waves Are Back

tiger wavesWay back in 2012 Tiger Waves were on the cusp of releasing an album, but sometimes things go awry and plans fall through. The future seemed bleak for that album to ever find its way to your speakers and your hearts, that is until yesterday, when these locals posted this lost album in its entirety on their Bandcamp page for you to delight in the tracks that should have been. In this way, these masters of indie pop have announced that Tiger Waves are back, and we should be paying attention again. Are you? Take a listen to one of the lost songs below, called “Joyous Occasion,” which is a solid pop gem and crosses surf and electro pop with a Shins-esque spin, and lookout for new tracks from the band soon.

Austin Spotlight: Stream Southern Boutique’s Album

sbThere’s always been a bit of mystery in the work of Southern Boutique, comprised of members of the now defunct act, Tiger Waves; they’ve always remained relatively hidden, choosing to focus on recording great songs.  So, it comes as no surprise that they quietly began to stream their album today, asking for little other than your pure enjoyment, and enjoy you will.  I’ve always admired the boys for their craftsmanship, and their focus on perfecting every inch of tape is evident throughout the entirety of this LP.  There’s no word on when it’ll have a physical release, but just take some time today to drift away this afternoon with one of Austin’s best kept secrets.

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Austin Spotlight: Meet Southern Boutique

southernThe introduction of this outfit comes with a bit of sadness, as Southern Boutique taking a full-time role means the dissolution of one of our favorite acts, Tiger Waves.  The former act crafted these incredible pop soundscapes with warm harmonies, often employing multiple layers and sounds that made their music more dyanmic than most.  But, in the case of Southern Boutique, those pieces still remain, albeit more fine-tuned than ever before.  This is their first official single, and it employs the same spectacular melodies that made them so endearing.  I have no doubt that with a renewed focus, the group will blossom into one of the most unique acts in Austin, winning over everyone. You can expect to hear more from the band when they release their new album later this summer.  Grab their new two song single HERE for the NYP payment method; it’s worth a solid donation.


Austin Weekend Shows Preview

A Giant DogA lot of the folks in Austin filled their quota for January rock shows during Free Week, but in case you didn’t get your fill, there are some rad shows happening around town, including a few bands throwing an old school house party for your pleasure. Below you’ll find a list of suggestions, so should you choose a show, pick one of these.


Tiger Waves and Shivery Shakes @ Pearl St. Co-Op – Free beer while it lasts – FREE

A Giant Dog, Bad Lovers, One Hitters, Dumb @ Hole in the Wall

The Digital Wild @ Mohawk – 9 PM – Album Release


Dent May and Tiger Waves @ Holy Mountain – 9 PM

Think No Think, Ringo Deathstarr, The Ripe @ The North Door @ 9 PM

And here’s some jams to get you feeling in the mood.

[audio:] [audio:]

Free Week Weekend Preview

austin-skyline-mark-weaverWe hate to see it happen, but at some point, Free Week has to end.  For the sake of the venues, our livers and our bands. As we head into the final weekend of free music about town, we ask that you do your best to catch some band, any band, out on the town this weekend.  It’s been a rad week of some new discoveries and some old favorites; I hope you had the same experience.  Here’s where to go:


Riverboat Gamblers, Hundred Visions, Midgetmen at Red 7 @ 9 PM

Black Books, Ringo Deathstarr, Hello Caller at the Mohawk @ 7 PM

Shivery Shakes, Tiger Waves, La Migra, DFD at Cheer Up Charlies @ 8 PM

Christian Bland at  Hotel Vegas @ 9 PM

A.Sinclair, East Cameron Folkcore, My Jerusalem  Holy Mountain @ 9 PM


Trustees, Sweet Talk, Gospel Truth at Beerland @ 9 PM

Letting Up Despite Great Faults, The Sour Notes, Borrisokane @ the Mohawk

Royal Forest, Young Girls, Little Radar at Cheer Up Charlies @ 6 PM


Ruby Fray, Jess Williamson, Midnight Masses at Cheer Up Charlies @ 7 PM

Zoltars at Beerland @ 9 PM

Listen to some jams from Tiger Waves, Young Girls and Jess Williamson.

[audio:] [audio:] [audio:]


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