The Catenary Wires

With everything else going on, our main band, The Catenary Wires, took a back seat. We had a bunch of gigs booked in the spring, but obviously they all had to be cancelled. However, the album that we had started putting together at the beginning of the year is now nearly finished. We managed to record a few songs here, before lockdown, but most of it has been recorded since. Fay recorded her keyboards at home, Ian added some extra finger drums, weve done our parts and Andy has played bass and put the whole thing together beautifully. We are lucky to be working with a band who arent just musically gifted, but technically clever too. We are going to release a single early next year, called Mirrorball. Its the story of two lonely individuals who attend a retro 80s disco, and are forced to re-live the horror of the worst music of that decade but then make eye contact across the dancefloor. Yes, its a love song!

We dont have a video ready for the single yet, but we thought we might include a live performance we did for the Wedding Presents At The Edge Of The Sofa virtual festival. These songs will be on the new album: they are The Overview Effect and Like the Rain.

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Don’t Sleep on The Catenary Wires

The Catenary Wires history is perhaps far deeper than their discography, but in their short time, Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey have already worked with some of my favorite labels in Elefant, WIAIWYA and Matinee…and now their sophomore release is slated for new powerhouse, Tapete Records. This fresh single puts the band’s dynamic at the forefront, relying upon the interplay between the two, trading vocal duties with one another, uniting in certain instances to maximize the harmony; Amelia has this sparkling nostalgic movie star tone, while Rob has this more forlorn croon. The string arrangement dropping in just before the 3 minute mark keeps listeners aware that both the music and voice will be broad sweeping on Til the Morning; it’s out June 14th via Tapete.