Lost Days Share For Today Video

I wonder how many secret hit songs Tony Molina has locked up in his home. Really, I do! Now that he’s been working with Sarah Rose Janko on the Lost Days project, there just seems to be an extra layer of musical enlightenment added to Tony’s guitar playing; Janko has this sparkling dreaminess that feels like a sense of longing and comfort all wrapped into one. The song’s video captures both an homage to Ringo (some guy from the Beatles) and the city of San Francisco’s Toxic Beach. If I had a complaint, it’s that I could spend another couple minutes listening to these two spin their yarns. The Lost Days will release In the Store via Speakeasy Studios SF on March 17th.

Stream Two New Tracks from the Ovens Reissue

While the world might not be entirely aware of Ovens and their history, the indie world surely knows of Tony Molina and his gifted songwriting. He released several great LPs via Slumberland and has since dropped a few more, but we’re here to talk about his earlier work in Ovens. The San Fan band are getting the reissue of their work via Tankcrimes, and there’s now two more tracks available from the collection. Honestly, you’d be best suited to jump to Bandcamp and play these songs in succession. They’re perfectly matched, “Good Idea” offering Tony’s softer side, teasing his craft of melody before jumping right into the ripper that is “Bad Day.” The Ovens collection drops on December 2nd.

Ovens Announce 44 Song Reissue

I’m an avowed Tony Molina fan, and knowing part of his history, Ovens is definitely a huge piece, which is perhaps why the band are releasing a huge double LP 44 song reissue of their work via TankCrimes. There’s a couple of tracks to enjoy from the release, with one certainly nodding to the pop riffs Weezer was pulling off about the same time, but it includes the noted Molina brevity. The other tune still has a nice little bounce, but a little cleaner sound, hinting at some of the work Tony would pull into his later catalog. Regardless of whether you’re a TM fan or not, the collection has a bit for everyone, if you’re into power pop, punk, metal, emo; it all fits into the Ovens LP, which will drop on December 2nd.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (6.20 – 6.24)

I don’t even want to look back at last week. But, we had songs, there were some really good songs coming out of a really awful week. Our friend Ram Vela and his band had a new single, plus it never hurts to get a Voxtrot tune in your inbox. Think I kept coming back to these Bastien Keb, Flowertown and Tan Cologne tunes the most, well, and that Tony Molina track. There’s about 20 jams to sort through, so find a favorite. Or don’t.

More from Tony Molina

So you’ve likely already heard from Tony Molina and his latest single, therefore I’m just getting it up here because I want it in next week’s playlist, as that’s where the hits are. This tune uses a little piano mixed in with the heavy strum of Tony’s guitar, creating these ridiculous moments of charm that are unmatched in anything else you’ll hear out there today, methinks. I always marvel at how Molina’s songs feel stretched and beautiful and full of magic, despite being under two minutes long, but then again, should we be surprised at this point? Another good track from Tony; his In the Fade LP is out on August 12th via Run for Cover.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (5.23 – 5.27)

Well, last week was a struggle. End of the school year, for two teachers, and well, then that other thing, so we barely got to the end of the week, let alone hit the musical stride with our usual fervor. So, our end of week wrap-up, which we give you at the beginning, is a little short. But, there’s new jams from great releases like R.E. Seraphin, Why Bonnie or Dehd, plus a rad new track off Hazy Sour Cherry‘s forthcoming LP for Damnably. And hey, you can never go wrong having a Tony Molina tune in there. So, here’s to one foot in front of the other with our favorite jams from last week.

Obligatory Tony Molina Post

I’m a big Tony Molina fan, as the site would indicate. Yesterday we got news of a new LP, which seems to have almost sold out already. Tony’s been working at writing great short pop songs, and this go round, it sounds like he’s keeping the fuzz right in the tunes, as you can tell by the guitar work. His new LP In the Fade is dropping via Run for Cover Records on August 12.

Top 20 LPs of 2019…According to Lost Sound Tapes

There’s a handful of really really great tape labels out there, and one that is near and dear to our hearts is Lost Sound Tapes, run by Jon Manning. He’s done an incredible job of curating, and I almost always find myself in love with a handful of his releases each year, like Olivia’s World and Lisa Prank this year! So, I reached out and asked him to pop off with some of his favorite releases…and here we are. Enjoy!

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2019 Albums of the Year from Pale Lights

I’m a big fan of indiepop outfitPale Lights, and I reach out to the band from time to time, like I did this year when I was compiling my Year End List collection from people I admire. The band got back to me with their collective list, including some reissues, which you can find down after the jump. I don’t mind one bit seeing Robert Forster on a list!

Be sure to go listen to the Pale Lights at their Bandcamp page, and then check out their great new track for the FadeawayRadiate Compilation.

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Thursday Night ATX Shows

It’s just one of those nights where you could practically walk downtown, fall over and land at a really incredible show. I’ve got my own eyes set on bouncing around to a few, but let’s see if we can’t point you in the proper direction…I gave you some hints, but you can also catch Hootie and the Blowfish if that’s your prerogative.



Darkbird, Daphne Tunes, The Lovely Sparrows, Royal Forest @ Cheer Up Charlies – 9 PM

Culture Abuse, Single Drop, Tony Molina @ Empire – 8 PM

Ryley Walker + Charles Rumback, The Hatch @ Beerland – 8 PM

Vundabar + Together Pangea, Dehd @ Barracuda – 8 PM

Caleb de Casper, CHEAP WAVE, MeanGirls, HiFi Kids @ Dozen Street – 8:30 PM

Sour Notes (7″ Release), Magic Rockers of Texas, Black Basements @ Hotel Vegas – 9 PM

Chill Russell, Dayeaeter, Arch Set Empire @ Swan Dive – 9:30 PM

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