Top 20 LPs of 2019…According to Lost Sound Tapes

There’s a handful of really really great tape labels out there, and one that is near and dear to our hearts is Lost Sound Tapes, run by Jon Manning. He’s done an incredible job of curating, and I almost always find myself in love with a handful of his releases each year, like Olivia’s World and Lisa Prank this year! So, I reached out and asked him to pop off with some of his favorite releases…and here we are. Enjoy!

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2019 Albums of the Year from Pale Lights

I’m a big fan of indiepop outfitPale Lights, and I reach out to the band from time to time, like I did this year when I was compiling my Year End List collection from people I admire. The band got back to me with their collective list, including some reissues, which you can find down after the jump. I don’t mind one bit seeing Robert Forster on a list!

Be sure to go listen to the Pale Lights at their Bandcamp page, and then check out their great new track for the FadeawayRadiate Compilation.

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Thursday Night ATX Shows

It’s just one of those nights where you could practically walk downtown, fall over and land at a really incredible show. I’ve got my own eyes set on bouncing around to a few, but let’s see if we can’t point you in the proper direction…I gave you some hints, but you can also catch Hootie and the Blowfish if that’s your prerogative.



Darkbird, Daphne Tunes, The Lovely Sparrows, Royal Forest @ Cheer Up Charlies – 9 PM

Culture Abuse, Single Drop, Tony Molina @ Empire – 8 PM

Ryley Walker + Charles Rumback, The Hatch @ Beerland – 8 PM

Vundabar + Together Pangea, Dehd @ Barracuda – 8 PM

Caleb de Casper, CHEAP WAVE, MeanGirls, HiFi Kids @ Dozen Street – 8:30 PM

Sour Notes (7″ Release), Magic Rockers of Texas, Black Basements @ Hotel Vegas – 9 PM

Chill Russell, Dayeaeter, Arch Set Empire @ Swan Dive – 9:30 PM

Brand New Tony Molina!

I owe Matt at Forged Artifacts a huge thanks for pointing me in the right direction, namely towards these glorious 2 minutes of new Tony Molina. I loved Kill the Lights, and pretty much raved about it anywhere I could, and now there’s a new 7″ on its way. The first of the tunes seems to pick up where that record left off, crafting this generous pop vibe, then moving into a nice heavy riff that closes the song out. On the latter tune, it’s a blaster, kicking off the pop hooks in a fuzzy manner before just calling it quits right before the 1 minute mark. This is pure Tony Molina at his best, and deserves your attention immediately; it’s out on a new LP titled Songs From San Mateo County via Smoking Room on July 19th.

Have Another New Tony Molina Jam

We’re riding high on the Tony Molina train over here, especially with Kill the Lights dropping in a few weeks. The latest single, and possibly the last before the LP is out, is one of the longer songs on the record, and to my ears, one of my favorites. Tony’s execution leaves him somewhere between Teenage Fanclub and Joe Pernice in my brain…and those are things that will keep me coming back to this song over and over. Sure, he might just be teasing us with 10 short ditties, but I assure you, no one is writing them better than Molina at this very moment. Kill the Lights hits July 26th via Slumberland Records.

New Track from Tony Molina

I thought I had already had my favorite album of 2018 wrapped up; I’m still keeping it secret for when I change my mind. But, with that in mind, I’m also going to hold a spot next to it for Tony Molina and his new LP. I mean, this song barely comes in over a minute, and I think I’ve already played it at least six times. It’s so gentle and captivating from the get-go…little crisp guitar chords matched by melodic vocals at every turn. Kill the Lights is the name of Tony’s new record, and it’s dropping on July 27th via Slumberland.

Tony Molina Announces New LP

What a wonderful week for Slumberland Records; they announced a new Smokescreens album…and now we get news of Tony Molina‘s follow up to Dissed and Dismissed. As per always, Tony seems to craft these delightful numbers that are over in less than a few minutes. But, once you’ve delved in, you feel like you’ve been listening to Molina on repeat for hours…and in fact, you probably will. This song also feels more bare, just sort of stripped down to the core essentials that maximize the emotional pull. Kill the Lights will be out on July 27th, so put a few bucks aside for another great LP.

More Short Pop from Tony Molina

tonymolina_promo-compressedIt’s great that so many people are taking notice of Tony Molina as he gears up for his latest release; it’s always good to see people who deserve it finally win some fans. That being said, his new work, continues to surprise me. It’s not the brevity, as that’s always been his staple, but rather the gentle quality of the tunes themselves. I almost envision them as perfectly crafted demos, written quietly over quick spurts of beautiful creativity. But, if it’s a good tune you’re after, then it’s a good tune you’ll get by pressing play. Look for the Confront the Truth EP on October 28th from those Slumberland cats.

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Brief Ditty From Tony Molina

tonymolina_promo-compressedOur dearfriend Shakespeare taught us that brevity is the soul of wit, and today, Tony Molina is here to prove that proverb remains true with his track “See Me Fall.” At only a minute long, this track is small taste of a sound, and yet it comes across as a complete tune. There’s a bit of a lullaby aesthetic going on in this track; Molina’s dreamy vocals are complimented by the gentle guitar sounds to create this enchantingly simple minute. This track comes from Molina’s upcoming 7″ calledConfront The Truth, which is out October 28th viaSlumberland Records.Preorder it here.

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