ACL Interview: Nightbox

nightboxUnless you’ve been under a rock or something, I’m sure you are aware that our annual ACL Festival is taking place this weekend in Zilker park.  Now we’ve already shared a few interviews with you guys and today we’re pumping out several more.  This one features up and coming indie-electro group Nightbox.  Every band member gets in on this one with some great responses.  Follow the jump for more.

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Newish Jam from Teenanger

teensFigure we’d start off our week with some crunchy guitars and smooth vocal delivery from Toronto outfit, Teenanger.  The guitars have this little bit of swagger in them, with some ringing mini-solos, while the sultry attitude of the vocals is casual.  But, they’ve also got a few tracks where the male vocal takes front focus, so don’t pin all your hopes and dreams of this band on one style.  If you dig it, look for the group’s EPLP to be released on September 9th via Telephone Explosion.

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Straight Rocker From Teenager

teenanger-e-p-l-pIn my never ending quest to find new rock bands who know a thing or two about playing an instrument, I came across up and coming Toronto based band Teenager.  Today the band are sharing their latest single called “Hot Rods at the Loser Convention” with an ever growing fan base.  The track is a grungy rock sounding tune that is actually a bit more mellow than the other songs on their new EP due out this fall.  I suggest you pick that up when you get the chance.

New EP entitled E P L P will be out on September 9th via Telephone Explosion.

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Playful Tune from Weaves

weavesMake sure you read that title carefully; I didn’t say Waaves!  This is Toronto’s Weaves, fronted by Jasmyn Burke, who’s previous work included fronting Rattail.  This new tune from the group is a bit like a more experimental version of Cursive’s Ugly Organ, with guitars fighting their way back and forth throughout the track, while an organ grinds in the background.  It’s definitely something a little bit different, which is why I’m digging the song.  The band’s official single will be out next week, but preview it here to get you in the mood for another great Toronto act.

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Creative Pop from Grounders

groundersToronto is known to be a musical hot bed, though that seems to have died down just a bit.  That won’t be the case once people get a chance to hear the new EP from Grounders.  Listening to their Wreck of a Smile EP, it’s difficult to really place their music, though the band’s creativity is clearly obvious.  Cleverly, they’ve layered sounds atop sounds, all the while promoting a playful bounce that serves as the backbone for the track.  If you’re interested in what you’re listening to, and you should be, then you can pick up the group’s EP on July 7th from Park the Van Records. Enjoy your day.


Download: Grounders – Along the Line (Alt. Version) [MP3]

Heavy Handed Rocker from Odonis Odonis

odonisodonisIt’s definitely the year for heavier-handed rock n’ roll to break back through into the mindset of indie fans everywhere.  There’s Milk Music and Metz, but now you can enjoy Odonis Odonis.  The group releases their Better EP on April 16th via Buzz Records, before they blast off on a tour that includes a date at Austin Psych Fest. This song has a swirling guitar part that’s emphasized by some industrial drumming; the lyrics don’t come across as heavy at first, but they’ll blast off to match the pace of the track.  Just another reason to turn up your speakers this year!

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You Should Be in Love with The Wilderness of Manitoba

TWOM_PR_alternate1_small2It seems like I’m all over the place today, musically speaking.  But, it’s hard when so many good songs come my way at once to ignore things.  The Wilderness of Manitoba have just recorded The Leslieville Sessions (April 9th) in hopes of bringing about their live sound to their recorded material.  If this is what they sound like live, then I think I might just have yet another band to hunt down during SXSW.  When I first encountered the band they had a sprawling folk feeling, but this new track demonstrates a broader pallete, almost referencing a simplistic power pop/indie pop formula.  It’s just such a wonderful track I couldn’t help myself.  Hope you enjoy this song.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=false” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

New Soaring Track From Wildlife

It’s been a awhile since we’ve heard from Toronto based indie-pop band Wildlife.  Today news comes our way that the band have a new album in the works entitled Born to Ruin hitting stores on February 26th.  Prior to that release date, the band have a new song called “Born to Ruin” to appease your appetite for all things epic indie pop.  Enjoy this soaring epic pop tune from a great band from the great white north.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=false” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

New Catchy Surf Pop from Stella Ella Ola

I figured it was hump day, so we all needed a nice peppy pick me up right?  I’ve got just the tune, and it’s a surf rock gem that definitely has the ability to get you tapping the toes and humming at your desk.  Stella Ella Ola is a four piece from Toronto who have just released their Stella Ella Ola 2 EP, and it’s a quick three-song affair just to get you acquainted with the band–currently it’s free right HERE.  Those of you that find this sort of thing right up your alley better hop on this train now; you can thank me later.


Download:Stella Ella Ola – Pressure Points [MP3]

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