Riotous New Single from Total Babes

babesYou’re going to hear some soft vocals in this track from Total Babes, sitting back behind the mix, but the guitar work here is what’s really going to get a hold of you.  From the minute you press play on the link, the guitars have that discordant ring to them, driving the song forward forcefully.  That being said, I appreciate the quieted approach of the vocals; it sets the song up in a different manner than one might expect, allowing for fans to find moments where they sing-a-long euphorically. Look to hear all of the band’s Heydays on May 19th when it’s released by Wichita Recordings.

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Did You Hear the New Total Babes Track?

babesThe new Total Babes track hit the airwaves on Friday, but in case you missed it, you’ll want to take a listen below.  The tune is probably the most well constructed song the band have comprised to date.  In the past, they’ve gone full-force, blasting through their songs, but this new one has something tangible to take in; the recording is probably the most legitimate piece they’ve offered their fans up until now, allowing listeners to really have fun with the track they’re offering. The newest tune comes from Heydays, which is their latest LP from Wichita Recordings, hitting  stores on May 19th.

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Jittery Rock from Total Babes

babeI haven’t heard from Total Babes since Swimming Through Sunlight, but I’m glad they’re back at it with a new LP ready to hit stores.  I’ll admit, the bits of horn throw me off a touch; I mean, is that a bee buzzing in my ear? Regardless, the song’s got this catchy tenacity hooked around the stop-start vocal delivery.  The guitars do have a jagged edge, and the horns begin to show themselves as an instrument meant to create something beyond your typical garage tune (laser sounds included).  Look for their new effort, Heydays, to hit stores on May 19th via Wichita Recordings.

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Total Babes – Swimming Through Sunlight

Rating: ★★★☆☆

When press first came out for Total Babes, a lot of attention was given to the fact that it featured a member of Cloud Nothings, and to a certain extent, that’s a fair association, as the similarities are definitely visible. However, Swimming Through Sunlight, the band’s debut on Old Flame Records isn’t just a re-imagining; it stand up on its own merit.

If you’re looking for a catchy lo-fi hook, you won’t have to look beyond the first song, as “Like They Always Do” features a chorus that grabs you while the noise distortion swells in the background.  It’s a quick hammering, not staying around too long for fear of giving you a little bit too much sugar. But, while this shares that affinity for noisy-garage pop a la the aforementioned association, the next track, “Be So Sure” shows resemblance to another lo-fi pop band, The Thermals (it’s not just me is it?).  Perhaps the vocals could be cleaned up a bit more on the recording, but it definitely has that sweetness mixed nicely with a bit of excessive noise, just like Hutch would want it.

One of the best things about listening to Swimming Through Sunlight is that you can see various touches of the modern musical landscape, but the inherent melodies and songwriting enable to group to move beyond pure mockery.  “Someone to Blame” sounds an awful like Wavves at their best, even featuring a similar lyrical style, using simple words to convey a message.  I suppose that various sources can knock the group for a lack of originality, but you can easily look beyond that once you get to the core of the songs.  They’re not too long, giving you just a taste of their glory, then moving on, asking you to revisit at a later point.

Personally, I would like to see Total Babes revisit the studio with a bit more of a polish and sheen.  For instance, there’s a brightness to the opening guitar line in “Without Your Heart,” but that clarity eventually parts for a grittier sound.  This isn’t entirely a bad thing, as it serves its purpose in a great deal of the tracks featured on the record, but a certain sharpness could really propel these songs to the next level.  Even in the closer, “Tip of My Tongue,” there’s this incredible element of pop, but it’s buried so far beneath the mix that it comes off sounding more like a demo than a final product.  It’s the slightest difference between an incredible song and just a really good one.

All in all, Swimming Through Sunlight is full of bright spots, and its clear that the songwriting is far more than just your moderate fare, but Total Babes still have a bit of work to do in the finished product.  Clear vocals here, bit of distortion removed there, and you’ve got a wonderful record full of memorable hooks, sing-a-long moments, and enough power to kick the rest of the genre in the face; looking forward to that day!


Download: Total Babes – Be So True [MP3]

More New Music From Total Babes

Earlier this summer, Nate offered up a new song by Total Babes which features Cloud Nothings members Jason Gerycz and Joe Boyer.  Well here’s a another new song for you called “Be So True” off the group’s upcoming LP Swimming Through Sunlight due out August 30th.  We’re looking forward to getting our hands on that full length when the time comes.


Download: Total Babes – Be So True [MP3]

New Track from Total Babes

One of my favorite records of the year, which still gets spins was the smash hit by Cloud Nothings, so I’m really excited to see what Total Babes has to offer.  TB is the side-proejct of Jason from Cloud Nothings, who’ll be releasing Swimming Through Sunlight on Old Flame Records later this summer or early fall.  While you can definitely see some similarities between Jason and CN frontman, Dylan, this has more of an early Wavves feel to me, with its lo-fi tendencies and vocals shrouded in bits of noise.  Give this one a try, and I’m sure you’ll want to go play it again and again; this is a good thing mind you.


Download: Total Babes – Like They Always Do [MP3]