BOAT Share Loneliness Kills Video

I’m not sure if you’ve been on the ball and grabbed the Tread Lightly album from BOAT as of yet, but in case, I feel like this song might push you over the edge. Like all things during this pandemic, the video represents the lives of the band members under isolation, which, oddly, ties into the thematic element of the track. But, if I had one track to offer you from this record, I think this would be the one you’d love the most! From the cruising guitars to the way the vocals rise and soar in the verses; this is what it would sound like if the Beach Boys were super into pushing out power-pop hits for the masses. If you dig, the album’s available from Magic Marker Records today!

BOAT Share Metabolism

The latest single from BOAT is like a sweet little candy treat; you unwrap it and in an instant its gone, leaving you wanting another. The first 40 seconds or so are almost just like a wrapper, a vocal and a few heavy piano chords; peel it back and pop that in your mouth! Once you do, right at the 41 second mark, the tune kicks in and the sweetness of pop sensibility fully kicks in to gear. Honestly, that soaring vocal and the drums dropping in are just he sugary sweetness I need, or crave. I live for little pop moments just like that, making this track the perfect treat for you all. Their new album Tread Lightly will be out on May 1st.

BOAT Announce Tread Lightly

Forget Mondays. Tuesdays are the real struggle. The good news is I’ve got this nice little pop rocker from Seattle’s BOAT to get your day started. I love the way the band sets the tune up, toying with a softer side of indie rock in the opening moments before bounding down the road into the cheerful realms of hook-laden pop. There’s a slightly rough edge to the vocals in the chorus, cut up by a backing vocal that layers a nice softness just underneath. This tune appears on the group’s new LP, Tread Lightly, which is scheduled for release on May 1st; you can pre-order it HERE.