Tuung Announce Obscurities Compilation

I’m not usually one to go revisit rarities and obscurities; it’s a dark hole I sometimes can’t get away from once I’ve journeyed that way. That said, I’m also not one to shy away from great tracks, like this exclusive track (previously only available on 7″) from the forthcoming Tuung collection, This is Tuung…Magpie Bites and Other Cuts. This is the sort of track where I feel like the band has found the most success, spinning subtle folky numbers into playful electronic numbers; it’s like if you got really drunk and decided you wanted to sound like a mixture of Arab Strap and Hot Chip, maybe with a touch of Boy Least Likely To along the way. The song speaks for itself, as does the band’s previous work, so maybe, just maybe, I’ll peep into this wormhole of an obscurities collection; it’s out on June 28th via Full Time Hobby.

Enjoying This Tuung Track

Tuung is back with the whole OG lineup for the first time in over a decade, and it looks like they’re right back in the proverbial groove. Their latest single recalls late nights on dance floors in the early 00s; it’s got a rhythmic pulse working throughout, filled out by various electronic details. What makes the song so fun is the vocal harmonies that work in and out of the tune; it gives you the feeling of exuberance that can only be shared by pumping fists and stomping legs amongst friends in a dingy club somewhere. The group will release Songs You Make at Night via Full Time Hobby on August 24th.