Last Week’s Jams, Today (6.20 – 6.24)

I don’t even want to look back at last week. But, we had songs, there were some really good songs coming out of a really awful week. Our friend Ram Vela and his band had a new single, plus it never hurts to get a Voxtrot tune in your inbox. Think I kept coming back to these Bastien Keb, Flowertown and Tan Cologne tunes the most, well, and that Tony Molina track. There’s about 20 jams to sort through, so find a favorite. Or don’t.

Twin River Share Over and Over

Vancouver based group Twin River has really impressed me with this new single called “Over and Over” and I had to share my enthusiasm with the ATH readers. The track features this sort of rustic, countryish theme but with super bright guitars, nice vocal harmonies, and a tight as hell rhythm section. All things I love to find in my Monday morning playlists. I think you’ll also enjoy the accompanying video which features some lovely visuals from in and around Vancouver.

This track will appear on a new EP from Twin River entitled When We Think About Time due out on August 12th via Light Organ Records.

Twinkling Pop Rock from Twin River

twinriverThose who know me, know I’m a sucker for the guitar sound that you’ll hear throughout the latest single from Twin River. It’s a little bit dreampop, a little bit indie pop, but when employed here it’s the energetic source for “Settle Down.” Deeper inside the track comes a more casual approach with the vocal delivery, letting your soul relax while the song moves around you. That guitar we mentioned gets its own spotlight mid-track as it’s allowed to solo all over the place, holding the song together in its own dynamic fashion. This tune will appear on the group’s new LP, Passing Shade, which comes out on June 17th via Light Organ Records.

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Really Sorry I Missed This: New Twin River!

326473_420403081349273_1395650671_oSo I’m a day or two late on this one, but now it’s ever-more-pressing that you listen to this new track from Twin River. The stakes are so high, as this song is wonderfully lush and dreamy, but groovy enough to promote a bit of a shimmy. Vancouver’s Twin River have got a new 7″ coming out March 4th, giving us a small taste ahead of what’s to come next from the band when they release their sophomore record in the near future. “Antony” is one of those songs you spin over and over again, the tight knit jangly riffs layered perfectly with shimmery percussion and topped off with crisp vocals make for a damn good listen.

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