Missed This Tyvek EP

I mean, technically I didn’t miss it, as this new Tyvek EP isn’t being released until August 1st, but you can stream the whole damn thing below. You get two bopping ditties as well as two little instrumental jams with your purchase ofChanging Patterns of Protective Coating. “I’ve Not Thought Once” has this British pop rock feel, especially if you listen to the way those guitar chords line up to the likes of every band that played at Indietracks last week. “We’re Back,” the other tune with lyrics begins in much the same manner, though it ventures off into this skittering discord as the song draws out. Just a little something more of you should be listening to; it’s available this week via Doubles Tapes.

Austin on a Thursday Night

So tomorrow is a crazy busy day in the “live music capital,” so I wanted to create an optimal schedule for you to maximize your time, as well as see some suggestions on nightlife.

Start early over at Mohawk by checking out Mannequin Pussy and Joyce Manor…young sound, semi-emo, little punk. It’s outside, so if you want, you can go home after because it’ll end early.

But, you could also jump ship a bit early to catch a couple of great local releases. Lola Tried is jamming out over at Cheer Up Charlies to celebrate the release of their new EP or hit up Barracuda to get your hands on the new Letting Up Despite Great Faults EP!

Then go back to Mohawk, because Tyvek and Fred Thomas are jamming out. Or be cool, and just bounce all over if your wallet allows.

You could also go see Devendra Banhart play out near Buda at some place called Emos. It’s new, never heard of it.

Sample some songs below. Read more

New (old) Punk Rocker from Tyvek

It’s Friday, so I feel like we all needed a nice swift kick in the ass, you know, to get us going into the weekend.  With that in mind, I’d like us all to have a listen to this little rocker from Tyvek, who just put out Fast Metabolism via M’Ladys Records. It’s a compilation gathering all the old singles from the group’s early days, thrusting some furious rockers back in our ears.  It’s always good to listen to the history of bands we love, so it’s good to get to finally have a hold on these gems from some of my favorite rockers.  Give this a go; it’ll save your Friday.


New Tunes from Tyvek

After releasing their latest release, Nothing Fits, last week, these Detroit bros are out to set the record straight, and get you pumped about the whole affair.  Tyvek have just released a new MP3 today, and it’s just another reason that those in the know are getting stoked on the band.  Put the bunny hats aside, and you’ve got a power-fueled record that will definitely get your heart pumping and your feet stomping.  If you haven’t gotten to know this band yet, now is your chance, so don’t miss out on the latest beast from Detroit.


Download: Tyvek – Underwater To [MP3]