Ultimate Fakebook – The Preserving Machine

Rating: ★★★☆☆

When looking back on my early days of music discovery, the years when you found “the good stuff”, the late 90s and early 00s were likely the most important time for me. This was a time when I began to transition from the middle school days of mostly radio rock n roll towards a more indie, underground scene. Coming out of Kansas at the time were bands like The Get Up Kids, Appleseed Cast, The Anniversary, and of course, Ultimate Fakebook. Though maybe not as widely known as those other bands, the group was equally as important to me and to that scene. So it of course brings me great pleasure to review Ultimate Fakebook’s first album in over 10 years, The Preserving Machine. Hit the jump for my thoughts on this long awaited album.

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Blasting Emo from Mo Troper

moI’ll admit, as an older, once super-emo, music fan, I’m not always sold on what’s coming out of the new resurgence. Some of it just seems so commonplace, such a rehash, but not Mo Troper. My ears here elements of the hooks that made things like Ultimate Fakebook endearing, yet still making nods back to the first two Weezer records. Sure, maybe it’s derivative in a sense, but that never hurts when it’s executed so perfectly. Look for Mo Troper to release Beloved on April 29th via Good Cheer Records.

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