Alternative Milks Share Shops

Bristol based band Alternative Milks are relatively new to the music scene, but surely a group you will be hearing a ton more about this fall. Most of their music would fall into the genre of post-punk, though after a listen to this new single, “Shops”, you’ll see why the band sort of defies general classification. With an inspiration from punk, or post punk, Alternative Milks take the somewhat tired genre and offer these small hints of pop music and a little playfulness to really make the song enjoyable to all music lovers. You’ll find “Shops” to be a tad silly but also fun as hell.

The Memory Fades Release New EP

Remember when all I did was rave about the Memory Fades, well, I’m back to ramp that up again now that the band have the new Space Pilot EP out there in the world. I feel like listening to the first two tracks seems like a fitting match, as one sounds like Jesus and the Mary Chain, while the other cops to jamming to JAMC, though its admittedly stylistically different than the preceding tune. Me? My favorite is “Run Away;” it reminds me a lot of our friends in Harlem, at least in the structure of the song, but you do have to strip away the garage rock tendencies and replace them with an adoration for pop music. Another pop ballad with a special story is thrown into the EPs back end, just to make sure your addiction to sweetness is sated.

Tim Chaplin Releases A New LP

Prolific songwriter Tim Chaplin has just dropped his latest release, Days Either Side. He seems to be really pushing himself on the entirety of this, aside from “Some Kinda Saint” (thats still a remarkable gem). He utilizes loops, spoken word and sort of a constructionist approach to piecing his songs together; it provides for a diverse listen that never goes stale. It’s good to hear him working in all his various influences, yet remaining wholly himself. I suggest you give his new album a listen below.

Starar Offer Up New Tune

stararOur friends over at Starar in the UK tossed us this tune the other day, and the dreamy guitar lines encouraged me to share it with you immediately.  The duo has long been exploring their sound, and through their growth, you’ve been able to see them land at the beautiful place where we find “Talisman.”  You’ll hear distorted guitar softly echoing in your ears, while the two smoothly deliver their lyrics beneath that crashing wall of noise.  If you like what you hear, visit them HERE and listen to tons of other great songs the band have to offer you.

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Yak Give us Something Special

unnamedI know very little about London based rockers Yak, but this matters little when a band can pump out a debut single as memorable as this one.  Is it psych rock?  Is it punk rock?  I’ll let you call it whatever you like if you just hit play and enjoy.  I’m sure we will be hearing more from this trio as the buzz grows.

This track will appear on a new 7″ single coming out on February 24th via Fat Possum.

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Please to Meet You: Coves

Opening the old inbox today, I found a very kind email from Coves, featuring links to several songs, and a brief history.  Now, after enjoying these tracks all day long, it’s time I introduce you to the group.  They’re comprised of duo Beck Wood and John Risgard, both hailing from the United Kingdom; they’ve just put out their Cast a Shadow EP via Cross Key Records. My initial thought was that they’re some dreamy bedroom pop group, and you can see that when listening to the first track I’m posting, on which Beck takes the lead vocal, but I can see something else lurking beneath that concept.  If you take a listen to the second jam below, is it just me, or is there some of that gospel-infected pop that J. Spaceman has included in his work? Regardless, I’ve been enjoying the soulful tunes these two have been making, so I had to share it with you, in hopes that the good word would spread!


Download:Coves – No Ladder [MP3]


Download:Coves – Let the Sun Go Down On Me Here [MP3]

Haunting Track from Horrible Present

You’ve always got to support the bands everyone misses, especially when they make such incredible tracks as this one from Horrible Present.  This track is from the excessively titled 54, I love you but its time to get off record the band has just released on Cakes and Tapes, and regardless of the extensive album title you’re going to fall in love with this track.  The darkly tinged vocals give a bit of that haunting feeling to the track, but the minimal production slowly evolving in the background quietly sinks into your music listening soul.  If you’re looking for bedroom pop that sticks, then fall for this song!


Download:Horrible Present – Cloudy Talks [MP3]