Apollo Ghosts Release Surprise Amethyst EP

If you didn’t grab a copy of 2022’s Pink Tiger LP from Apollo Ghosts, then you missed an absolute masterpiece, so I was really excited to open up my email to a surprise EP from the Vancouver vets. In a lot of ways, they remind me most recently of Lewsberg, sort of working with these delectable guitar treats you want to devour, while the vocals seemingly work in contrast to that energy. I can also hear lots of nods to acts like Yo La Tengo and Sonic Youth, but spun in a more kind of organic indie fashion, so obviously I adore that. “Strawberry Moon” is my jam right now, so don’t skip it. Stream all of Amethyst below!

Tractor Beam Share Fresh Single

Having just released a great LP last summer, Vancouver’s Tractor Beam are ready to drop in with a fresh EP of new music. There’s something about the band’s that always feels John K Samson adjacent, yet there exists this light-hearted nature that I continue to find endearing. For instance, I love the light backing vocals and the dueling guitar work that courses through this new one. You won’t find studio magic or anything other than old-fashioned sincerity, and in that, the band execute so well you’ll just press play over and over again. Early Reflections is out this Friday!

Tractor Beam Share Sex Appeal Single

When I first heard Sasha Balazic’s voice on this Tractor Beam track, I immediately thought of ATH favorite Lachlan Denton; it’s got a slightly distinct tone to it, though still feels like you’re snuggling with a friend under a blanket. There’s a lightness to the song, aided by the accompanying vocals that come with it, all of it wrapped together to kind of lift you on the edges of the wind as your thoughts turn to positive vibes and sunny days. If you’re enjoying what you’re hearing from the group, keep an eye out, as they’re rumored to have an LP from Kingfisher Bluez later in the year.

Species Traitor Drop Self-Titled LP

Over the years, Vancouver’s been delivering some quality acts, so let’s go ahead and add Species Traitor to that list of rad bands from the area. Having just released their self-titled LP, I wanted to point folks ears in their direction, particularly for those in love with the sounds of Silver Jews. A great many of the tracks have that playful folk style, drawing on heavy vocal tones and the ambiance of the accompaniment. I tossed up the song below as it gives a bit of a glimpse of the band’s capabilities when they put their foot on the pedal, as it picks up a bit more flare and drive. Something I reckon you oughta check out now that we’re back in it!

Dan Mangan Shares Fire Escape Video/Single

A quick search for the name Dan Mangan on our site will return a massive amount of posts from the Vancouver based songwriter over the years. Simply put, I am a huge fan. As a follower of Mangan’s work, I am excited to be sharing his latest single “Fire Escape” which features an incredibly well shot video featuring Steven Ogg (you may recognize him from The Walking Dead). If for some reason you have yet to check out the music of Dan Mangan, this should be a perfect entry point.

Mangan is also heading out on tour this fall. Check out dates here.

Twin River Share Over and Over

Vancouver based group Twin River has really impressed me with this new single called “Over and Over” and I had to share my enthusiasm with the ATH readers. The track features this sort of rustic, countryish theme but with super bright guitars, nice vocal harmonies, and a tight as hell rhythm section. All things I love to find in my Monday morning playlists. I think you’ll also enjoy the accompanying video which features some lovely visuals from in and around Vancouver.

This track will appear on a new EP from Twin River entitled When We Think About Time due out on August 12th via Light Organ Records.

Listen to Spilling Yr Guts from Apollo Ghosts

Vancouver’s Apollo Ghosts are a band I’d definitely like you to get into, particularly as I myself just recently discovered the band and their new LP, Pink Tiger. Taking on the latest single, the band hit hard with this sound that’s reminiscent of Sonic Youth, using that snaking guitar line to set up the central melody for the vocals. That voice, takes on a more soothing tone, something that certainly wouldn’t have been out of place on a Pavement album. And you’re reading this, thinking its all nostalgia, but the execution and mixture of various 90s guitar sounds feels as fresh as a batch of daisies. Plus, they get bonus points for using “fuckall” as a lyric. Check out Pink Tiger today!

NOV3L Share Stranger Single

There’s just something about the nostalgic re-envisioning that NOV3L are working with as they prep the release of their new LP, Non-Fiction. Soft piano notes set the listener up, before the band gets rather frantic due to the sharp vocal delivery; I love how the piano sticks around, adding a bit of discord to the sound. The more the song unfolds, the more you get little glimmers of pop melody seeping through; they’re small moments, but when you’re gifted this incredible little rhythm section on a tune, you take what you can get! The band release Non-Fiction next Friday, May 28th.

Girlfriends and Boyfriends Share Dirty Words Video

The great thing about the cycle of an album is that you sometimes need a little reminder to go back and enjoy things, like when this video popped up from the recent Girlfriends and Boyfriends LP. Earlier this year (February to be exact) the Vancouver outfit released Fallacy of Fairness, a record drenched in nostalgia, but the sort you don’t mind revisiting. Synth stabs and jangling guitars abound, giving you this sort of middle ground between the Smiths and the Go-Betweens. The video seems fitting for that nod, with shots of the band spliced with the antics of what I can only assume is the most dangerous moped gang in Canada. Put your dancing shoes on folks; its time to swing and flail about your home office with a big old grin upon your face!

Olivia’s World Announce New EP

A few days behind on the world, but who really cares, as I’m always on board for a good tune from Olivia’s World. The first minute and beyond seems more like an intoxicating drink, seducing you into the song before the group decide to let you in on their joyousness. Alice’s voice has this natural pop embellishment, which sits perfectly in the song’s fuzzier moments that are crafted in the song’s latter half. Those of you hunting for a song that feels heavy yet somehow is uplifting will take note of this number. Tuff 2B Tender will be released on April 23rd via Lost Sound Tapes.

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