Last Week’s Jams (4.17 – 4.20)

If there is one song I want you to listen to it has to be the absolute smash hit from Maine’s Big Blood; I think I’ve listened to that track 1000 times since I’ve heard it, if not more. Of course, there’s other great tunes to enjoy as well, like that pop ditty from Tough Age, or Rama Lama’s new signing, Echo Ladies. Plus, Austin held its own again with new stuff from Dress Warm and RF Shannon. And, if you’re looking for something with some legs, there’s at least a handful of tunes stretching beyond the 4 minute mark, so indulge as you must.

Vanity Mirror Share Dandelion Wish

Listening to Vanity Mirror is like taking a step into a magical time machine; you get transported to a period of pop songwriting that seems to rooted in late 60s style, albeit with a modern approach to recording and arrangements. In that approach, the duo seem to have created this purified pop that seems indifferent to the stylistic flare across the cool-kid Spotify playlist. Personally, there are certain moments in the song’s sonic changes that made me absolutely swoon, like the switch in vibe that hits at the 1:13 mark of the song. Having recently announced their debut, Puff, you can expect more classic pop from the group on May 12th.

Last Week’s Jams (2.20 – 2.24)

Even after taking off Monday, we managed to get tons of coverage out there. I was stoked to hear that new Cindy song that I had been promised late last year. RayRay started pushing some of our SXSW introductions out with Pendant and Orions Belte. A handful of Austin acts tossed out new tunes, so check in on Hallo, Space Tan and Transy Warhol…a few who will be playing our just announced ATH vs SOTO SXSW Party. Plus, I got a bonus add by getting an excuse to post a little Braid to this site, on top of including my favorite releases of the week for streaming purposes. Get at it below.

Vanity Mirror Share Tuesday’s News

A lot of artists that throw their hat in the nostalgia ring, looking back at certain periods of music to make it their very own. Vanity Mirror are one of those acts, seemingly culling their influences to look at the pop sounds of the late 60s. But, in doing that, there’s some recording flare, and just a bit of outsider mentality that makes it feel earnest and present, more than a throwback. I honestly feel like the band’s vocals and melodies owe a great deal to Elliott Smith, while the music definitely takes on that Beatles-esque nod. If you’re digging on it, the band drop their debut Puff via We Are Busy Bodies on May 12th.