Bop Along to New Bibi Club

I really can’g get enough of this new track from Bibi Club; I was instantly hooked with the pulsing beat work that sets the tune at the start. From there, however, the song opens up into this rocking bit of guitar pop, while the undercurrent continues to provide energy throughout the middle. I can already hear folks making comparisons to other Francophile acts that use electronics, but for me, this is different; it feels more rocking and lighter in a sense, like it’s trying to free itself from the confines of that style a bit. Plus, that hook is just too damned good to walk away from. Feu de Garde will drop via Secret City Records on May 10th.

Bolis Pupul Shares Another Bop from Letter to Yu

Admittedly, Belgian/Chinese artist Bolis Pupul only recently popped up on my radar, particularly via his PR folks and his affiliation with Soulwax. My knowledge of the genre is fairly simplistic, but I love how you can feel one layer coursing through the tune, then hear it as it gets manipulated and texturized. Tones switch and various elements gather speed, collecting layers as the song’s visuals progress. Each time I thought I had the song pinned down, it ran around a completely different corner, most notably when it neared the end and took on a darker twist. Letter to Yu is out on March 8th via Deewee.

Fanclubwallet Releases Small Songs Vol 1

The term bedroom pop gets thrown around (yes, even by me!) far too often nowadays, but Fanclubwallet‘s new Small Songs Vol 1 EP really seems to grasp the concept in its totality, as songwriter Hannah Judge were a one-person project: all Hannah, no filler, with a visualizer for the EP’s single. I love the quite buzz of the keyboard as it shifts in tones; I really love the simplicity, which allows Judge to maximize the hooks once the beat drops into the track. Both beat and vocals seem to work in unison, matched up with one another, like they weren’t meant to sync up. If you’d like to hear more, stream the whole thing HERE.

Teenage Tom Petties Share Stoner; Announce Hotbox Daydream

There’ve been lots of little breadcrumbs in the past few weeks leading to today’s announcement that there’s a fresh Teenage Tom Petties LP headed our way in November. Originally an outlet for Tom Brown of Rural France, the first record set the scene for fast-paced slacker rock, the sort that ripped through the speakers of your freshman dorm room. Now a full band, they’ve returned with that same ferocity, perhaps with a touch more sheen on the vocals and recording. Don’t get me wrong, the heavy-handed riffs are there, but this opening single from their new LP offers a lot more melody to listeners on its initial runs; the chorus has this calmed cool to it while you can hear the rhythm single waiting to break free from its leash and bound through the room. Hotbox Daydreams will be out on November 3rd via Safe Suburban Home/Repeating Cloud.

Faith Healer Share The Game Single

Faith Healer are set to release The Hand That Fits the Glove, and before the LP drops, we’ve got one last chance to hear what’s in store for listeners. This track’s a bit more of a mellow piece, in comparison to the earlier singles from the release. Black and white imagery is tied to an atmospheric wash of synths that set the backdrop for a reserved performance from Jessica Jalbert; you get a little lift around the 1:25 mark of the tune, with careful percussive elements swinging into the track to give it a hint of buoyancy. That spirit is needed, particularly when you immerse yourself into the lyrics, a rumination on the challenges many of us face interacting with the outside world without losing ourselves. You can get the new LP on October 13th via Mint Records.

Estrella del Sol Shares Figura de Cristal

Estrella del Sol really won me over with the first single from her forthcoming record, and next tune picks up, building otherworldly pop music that’s equally as mesmerizing as it is haunting. At times the vocals are barely audible, lurking in the shadows; it’s almost like listening to the score for some magnificent Kubrick movie, albeit one set in Latin American. You’ll hear this light pulse, the heartbeat just faintly warbling beneath the atmosphere; it creates the perfect cinematic feel that should hopefully turn some heads towards Figura de Cristal; it’s out via Felte on June 30th.


Dry Cleaning Share New Single

You can’t deny the popularity of Dry Cleaning; their new album Stumpwork is likely to make a bunch of year-end lists, if that matters to you. Personally, I’m digging how the band continue to mold their sound to their own sensibility and Florence Shaw’s voice, always seemingly taking a risk or two. In this one, you get Shaw narrating a conversation with a friend, all of it working over some jazzy improvisation; the rhythm section does hold onto some catchy licks, while everything else just seems to sort of expand out into the ether. It’s good to hear a band continue to push themselves a bit beyond the sterile confines of a genre; Stumpwork is out October 21st via 4AD.

Arp Drop Le Palace Single/Visualizer

Have you heard me shouting from the Arp hype train? I’m the guy at the back begging you to immerse yourself in the chilled textures the project is spinning as of late. I love the varying textural layers and how they’re stretched across various periods, seemingly, with some even focusing on a more futuristic outlook. Alexis even said the intention in the craft was to throw in something that was a “bit post-punk, a bit nightclub, a bit dubby,” which definitely encompasses a lot of territory, with wiggling room to boot. For me, the song takes a different turn around the 3 minute mark, adding in some darker structure, but ultimately illustrating how the project is stretching the boundaries of its own craft. New Pleasures drops July 15th via Mexican Summer.

Winter Shares New Single + Tours w/ Peel Dream Magazine

After hearing everyone clamoring for Kate Bush lately, Samira Winter was like “Yo, hold my beer.” On this new Winter single, you get this cavernous brooding ground, something that feels like trudging through mud; it contrasts perfectly with the bright shimmering that is layered atop. It begins to swirl and mix, with more pronounced synth notes seeping through your speakers, all the while Samira’s voice just hangs in the air. It’s like this palpable mist, soothing all that ails you as the music spins through your earholes. This sort of dreaminess will definitely be on display when Winter takes hits the road with Peel Dream Magazine, plus we’re hoping we get a follow-up to Endless Space, sooner rather than later!

Launder Drop New Single, Intake

If you’re looking for the natural progression of what the Cure were doing in the late 80s, then you’re going to want to listen to this new Launder single. The guitars are heavy, but they’re toying with these angular notes that hint at melodic jangles, creating this brooding pop. Of course, Launder have updated the style a bit, adding more prominent drum work and melting the vocals into something a little softer to caress those dark moments lurking in the corner of the song. The band will release its debut, Happening, on July 15th via Ghostly.

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