Ducks Ltd. Share Sheets of Grey Single

If you talked to anyone that picked up Modern Fiction last year they’ll likely tell you there’s not a bad tune on the Ducks Ltd. LP; it’s non-stop jangling goodness. So if you go back to their debut EP, the band are currently operating at a high level, incapable of writing a bad song. Thus, they jump right back in with a brand new single to take on the road for their Spring tour with Nation of Language. Jumping off with a pounding rhythm and those swirly-whirly guitar jangles, they suck you right into the pop storm. My ear keeps getting drawn to this underlying guitar line that’s super bright, reminding me in a way of some Field Mice vibes.

Bnny Share I’m Just Fine

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Bnny‘s Everything LP from last year, then perhaps this tune might serve as a reminder of the band’s enchanting draw. On this number, I’m really drawn to the way the guitar lines seem to kind of have this trickling manner, like a quiet brook, steadily building a soft current of melody. Combine that with Jess Viscius’s voice, and you get this intoxicating escapism; it’s ethereal yet omnipresent, sort of keeping your listening brain in an in-between world of musical euphoria. Enjoy the new single, and please, go check out their LP, which, like this single, come courtesy of hard work and Fire Talk Records.

Nightlands Announce Moonshine EP

Dave Hartley’s Nightlands project has undergone some recent changes, mostly due to a change in locale, with Dave moving from Philly to Asheville. In his new home, Hartley was able to really focus on his craft, touching up the details on the Moonshine EP, and writing enough songs to finish up a new full length (coming your way in 2022!). In announcing his new EP, Dave is sharing “Hymn to Me,” originally recorded by Brinsley Schwarz back in 1970. I love how he takes that sort of paisley folk sound from the classic rock era, and sort of coats in this more modern dreamscape, giving it this openness and breathing some of that fresh Asheville air into the song. The Moonshine EP drops on December 10 via Western Vinyl.

The Lounge Society Share Last Breath

I’ve really been enjoying this new track from The Lounge Society, our first bit of new music from the band since their Silk for the Starving EP. I love how the band seem to always blend a mix of frantic exasperation with melodic calm. This track is no different, at time, pulling on the anxious post-punk with quick drums and a little bit of vocal yelp for emphatic purposes. Quickly, the vocals move back into their casual delivery, moving into the song’s melodic interlude, taking a breather with the listener before bounding back into noisy abandon. This single drops via Speedy Wunderground, who are always ahead of the curve.

Breathe Panel Share Stretch

This week, Breathe Panel will release their new record, Lets It In, and they’ve opted to drop one more hint to entice you before we hit Friday’s release. Those of you with an inclination to love Hovvdy, Real Estate, or more recently Central Heat Exchange will certainly warm to the charms of this little ditty. It’s got this casual vocal style, the sort where you feel like your just riding your bike down the street with the breeze in your face, driving you forward with juxtaposed cool and warm sensations. Guitar notes are sharp, playfully dancing atop the rhythmic bounce of the drum work. And just as you fall in love, it ends, begging you to grab the LP from Fat Cat this Friday.

SUUNS Share Clarity Single

I’ll come out and say that today I’m approaching life with a little bit of trepidation and anxiety, so I kind of need something that moves me in and out of consciousness, both visually and audibly, which is why this new SUUNS tune is perfect. Visually, well, you can see the color pink moving in and out of the tune; it seems like an eye, looking in or out on the world. Musically, this tune’s really stripped back, with this light beat being manipulated to match up with the vocals, while some other synthetic (or is it or horns or both!) notes surf in and out of the background to build in some texture for you. If you’re willing to let your mind drift, I can’t imagine a better way than this; this single appears on the band’s new record, The Witness, out September 3rd via Joyful Noise.

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