Sound on Sound Lineup is Here!

Well ladies and germs, it’s here, our friends over at Margin Walker have yet again outdone themselves this year with an incredibly impressive lineup. Simply looking at the big names of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Grizzly Bear, Iggy Pop, and The Shins should be enough to get your butt out there. Digging deeper we’ve got Cloud Nothings, Japandroids, my teenage self in various forms via Taking Back Sunday, and holy hell… Cannibal Corpse! Even the small names near the bottom are impressive with Hoops and Girlpool just to name a couple. Something here for everyone. Well done guys, well done. The festival will again take place out in Sherwood Forrest on November 10th-12th.

GA tickets and more can be found here. Full lineup also on SOS site or can be seen by clicking the poster on your left.

Powerful Vocal Performance from Timberwolf

timberI guess Australia just doesn’t stop putting out music during the holidays, so I’ll oblige them by keeping you in the loop on what’s new in Oceania. Timberwolf‘s already received some accolades on our side of the pond, and it’s sure to continue with this stunning track. While I tend to gravitate towards a more visceral vocal, the voice of Christopher Panousakis is remarkable. It lives somewhere in the world between Antony and Jeff Buckley, with a glittering production around him to accentuate his gifts. This is his second single, so expect his debut album to come early next year.

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Show Pics: Washed Out @ The Mohawk (9/9)

Washed OutThis was pretty much a double headliner show for me. The first time I saw both of the bands that played last night at The Mohawk, Small Black and Washed Out, they played overlapping sets during a SxSW day party, the former backing the latter. Fast forward many years and we are reliving those glory days of buzz and free bandanas.


Sweaty date-night dance party!

Click through for many photos and a few more notes…

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Show Preview: Washed Out @ The Mohawk (9/9)

Date 9/9/14
Location The Mohawk
Doors 6:30pm
Tickets Sold Out

Hey, it is sold out, but you might get lucky with a few last minute ticket releases or your friends might have a ticket, so here is your reminder to bother them if they have an extra ticket or know someone that does…

Washed Out nearly got washed out the last time they played The Mohawk.

Now, we do have the treat of Small Black opening. The first time I saw both bands live was at the Mohawk, playing together. Pretty cool. #fullcircle

FFF8 in Pictures – Sunday Edition

King KhanSlow rolling is now done, though I think we may put up a PYAITK version of FFF8 coverage. FFF9 info is pending and you can recommend artists to the festival honchos.

But for now, you get to peep a ton of bad ass festival pics from a couple Sundays back. This edition features Cayucas, The Men, XXYYXX, Dennis McCoy, PLG, Matt Hoffman, Washed Out, Dismemberment Plan, Deltron 3030, MGMT, Bonobo, Slayer and King Khan with just enough crowd shots that you could be a star!

Click past the break people…

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Show Pics: Washed Out @ The Mohawk (5/10)

Washed Out puns ruled the night as the rain came down by the bucket load. The drainage holes in the east side wall of The Mohawk couldn’t keep up and the patio turned into a shallow pool. I have to give it up for these fans, they stayed, they got soaked to the bone and they had fun.

Dog Bite was able to avoid the weather with their opening set, while Memoryhouse had to play through the worst of it.

More on the show and a ton of pics from a different view point after the break…

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Show Review: Washed Out @ The Mohawk

Washed Out is all growns up?

Ernest Greene has been a buzz-worthy blog-hyped man and a latop. He and his wife manage all merch. He records in the corner of a bedroom at a lakehouse. This is a solo act. Or is it?

The stage was full of instruments. There were three sets of keyboards, drums, a bass and, yes, a Macbook. But it wasn’t front and center. It wasn’t on a card table up front with a small keyboard for improv. More on the band, the tech and the openers Feathers and Sleep ∞ Over after the break.

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Beach House @ Emo’s (4/22)

Date 4/22/10
Location Emos
Doors 9pm
Tickets Sold Out suckahs!

It’s a busy weekend in Austin and a show by Beach House at Emo’s on Thursday should kick starts your weekend the right way.  Opening support will be provided by Washed Out.  Unfortunately friends this one is sold out so try your hand at craigslist or scalping.


Download: Beach House – Norway [MP3]

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