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Seattle based artist Natalie Lew left a lasting impression on us during SXSW this year with her new recording project known as Sea Lemon. Sometimes booked between loud and noisy acts, it was hard to full get a hold on the tunes, but we could tell something special was brewing with the young artist. Her new single “Cellar” shows these hints of delicate sounds mixed with dreamy, airy vibes which first caught our attention back in March. This is sure to be the jumping off point for more great tunes to come this year.

Sea Lemon will be joining Hatchie on select dates on the west coast this fall. Tickets here.

Straight Rocker From Fluung

For the unfamiliar, Fluung is an indie rock n roll band from the musical mecca of Seattle, Washington. Harkening back to their city ancestors, the band has a very no nonsense, “let’s just rock” approach to their songs with an incredibly full sound for a three piece group. Latest single, “Decades”, is a prime example of Fluung showing off their post-punk, hints of grunge inspired brand of rock music. Check it out below.

This song will appear on new album The Vine due out October 14th via Setterwind Records on vinyl and Den Tapes on cassette.

Check Out Star Party

For starters, I’m passing on a “check this out” that I got from a friend, and they were definitely right that we should all listen to some Star Party. The Washington bunch just dropped this 4 song EP, with a few fresh rippers and a couple of covers, one of which gives a nod to the Shop Assistants…so you know they’ve got tastes. It’s got that sort of sugary side of the Ramones in there, buzzing guitars and big swirling hooks…though imagine if you took that and ran it through some noisy machination, burying the pop sensibility beneath layers of squalling feedback. I dig it. Do you?

Fantastic New Song From The Berries

Hey hey, here’s a new song I’ve been liking called “Fruit” from Seattle based outfit The Berries. It’s a song full of Americana twang with some hints of slacker rock and country themes. Imagine if Kurt Vile began making good music again and The Fruit Bats were still inspired by Americana, and you’d be about spot on with this one.

The Berries will release a new album called Berryland on September 20th via Run For Cover.

Experimental Pop From Airhead DC

Washington, D.C. native Vishal Narang has been working on his project known as Airhead DC for several years now and he has just announced a new album under the moniker. Previewing the new material is this new single called “Honey-Colored Flame Blown Off My Candle” which is a delightful bit of melodic, experimental pop music. It’s like if Generationals had a bit more guitar and some fancy lady vocals as well. I dig.

Airhead DC will release new album Crush Hi on October 26th via Danger Collective Records.

Introducing: Shark Week

It’s time to get that new band smell going around these parts kids.  This new artist that I’m promoting today comes at you straight out of the D.C. area and goes by the incredible band name Shark Week.  Now when one hears such a band name, you will immediately assume that they have some sort of badass tendencies behind their music.  You would be safe in assuming such things about Shark Week and can confirm with a quick listen to the rocking track “If You Want Me to Stay (For a While)”.  It’s sort of a surf rock sounding tune with tons of energy and plenty of grit to boot.  If you’re into it, check out Shark Week’s latest EP over on bandcamp which can be downloaded at a name your own price policy.


Download: Shark Week – If You Want Me To Stay (For a While) [MP3]

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