Vinyl Market @ Central Machine Works (7.10)

Date Sunday, July 10th
Location Central Machine Works
Doors 11:00 AM
Tickets Free!

Before you head out for the weekend, I’m hoping you will save the date for an absolutely insane vinyl market going down at Central Machine Works on Sunday from 11am to 4pm. Why so insane you ask? This event will feature ALL the heavy hitters slinging vinyl in this town, plus music from DJ Dead Flowers and cheap beer/food prices all day. Shop from our local homies Waterloo Records, Breakaway Records, BLK Vinyl, Love Wheel Records, Whetstone Audio, Spaceflight Records, Keeled Scales, The Next Waltz, and 9Mile Records. Yeah, it’s going to be a thing. Oh yeah and I’ll be there as well selling ATH Records releases along with a ton of used LPs, 45s, hats, shirts, memorabilia and posters.

Stop by the booth, say hey, and we’ll make you a deal on something so you go home happy with new music, new digs, and new art for the wall. We promise to be way more chill with a hell of a lot more pricing flexibility than anything featured at Palmer. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

The Vinyl Market takes place inside!

Another Ditty from the Infinites

It feels like the Infinites are one of the hottest commodities in town right now, and by that, I mean, they’re one of the absolute bands bouncing about. But, there are those that live outside the confines of our fair city, and you should definitely put the band on your “must listen” to list. Press play on this new single from their forthcoming LP and you’ll get intoxicated by the guitar tones; they have that natural bounce we adore from the surf-rock genre, though its presentation with the vocals definitely leaves it in more dreampop territory. I think it also shows the expert craftsmanship of the group, as the song seemingly comes to an abrupt end; why go forth when you’ve said all there is to say in a song? The band’s self-titled LP comes out via First Human Records this Friday…with an In-Store performance over at Waterloo if you’re here in town!

Lola Tried Release New LP Tonight at Hotel Vegas

First off, you can also catch Lola Tried over at Waterloo Records at 5; there will be free Lagunitas. Second, the band’s new album celebrates its release over at Hotel Vegas, and we highly suggest your attendance. For starters, the band works super hard, not only for themselves, but to see others within the Austin “scene” become successful; it’s high time they got their day in the limelight. This is their debut LP, and you’ll be impressed by how accomplished they sound…probably from all that damned hard work! Plus, the show included perennial powerhouse, Ringo Deathstarr, Duncan Fellows and ATH Records’ own Blushing. And if you do listen, please go buy the record, so they can make another one. Here’s one of the jams off their new LP!

ATH & SXSW: 3 To Watch

sxsw-&-athWe ATH crew are here to make sure you don’t completely screw up this whole SXSW thing and hate yourself for doing so.  Now we realize that every website in the nation shares some musical advice on the festival itself, but we like to think that we can offer you our opinions in condensed, easy to read versions.  Our policy has always been to only post things we like, and we promise to continue doing that.  We’ll be spending the next week or so fulfilling our promise with some SXSW artist to watch, 3 at a time.  I’ll start things off today by telling you a bit about 3 bands I deem worthy of your time.  Follow the jump for more.

For current show postings, keep in mind that it’s still early and many shows have yet to be announced.  We will post what we can find at this point. Read more

Free In-Store with Will Johnson (9/11)

You know that everyone here at ATH loves Will Johnson, so of course we’re going to take a little bit of time out of the day to celebrate his most recent release, Scorpion.  In honor of his release, Will will be playing a free set at 5 PM on Tuesday, September 11th, over at Waterloo Records here in town, and I’m sure it’s going to be intimate and charming.  The new record is full of great tunes that I hope everyone enjoys, so we’ll post this track again in hopes that you’ll leave work right on time to catch Will’s set.


Download:Will Johnson – You Will Be Here, Mine [MP3]

Autolux @ Emo’s (9/9)

Date 9/9/10
Location Emos
Doors 9pm
Tickets $10 @ Ticketweb

ATH favorite(as evidenced by the recent review of their new record) Autolux are stopping into Austin at Emo’s on Thursday evening.  Joining the band on stage are Gold Panda and Austin band Pure Ecstasy.  Those looking to live on the cheap can also check out a Waterloo in-store from Autolux beginning at 5pm.


Download: Autolux – Audience No. 2 [MP3]

Show Preview: The Sword @ Waterloo (8/23)

Date 8/23/10
Location Waterloo Records
Doors 7pm
Tickets FREE!!

Can you even imagine how loud this is gonna be!?  I’ve been to my fair share of Waterloo in-stores and seen some loud ass bands like Colourmusic and Wolfmother, but this may take the cake.  With such a small space and such a hard rocking band like The Sword, this is sure to bust many an ear drum.  You’ve been warned.  It’s free and starts at 7pm so post up early.


Download: The Sword – Tres Brujas [MP3]

Contest: Local Natives 7″ and Secrets!

This should be a show post about the killer evening of tunes over at Antones Friday featuring Local Natives and Suckers (2 of our favorites this year).  But, instead, we’ve got something for you.  We’re running a little contest to win a free Local Natives “Sun Hands” 7″.  All you have to do is leave us a comment telling us what your favorite album of the year is, besides Local Natives (as that should be near the top), and don’t forget to leave a valid email address in the email portion of your comment.  We’ll pick the winner by tomorrow morning and take care of the rest.

Oh, and our top secret spies tell us that the first person to buy Gorilla Manor starting today at Waterloo Records wins two free tickets.  Get over their now.  And be sure to show up early as you’ll love the Suckers too!


Download: Local Natives – Airplanes [MP3]

Daniel Johnston In Austin (11/20)


Date 11/20/09
Location Waterloo/St. David’s Church
Doors 5pm/6pm
Tickets Free/$20 from Frontgate

Yes yes technically Daniel Johnston lives in Austin, but we wanted to tell you about multiple shows in one post.  The first is your usualy Waterloo in-store starting at 5pm with free keg beer of course.  The second is a more intimate show at St. David’s Episcopal Church(map) with doors opening at 6pm.  Both should be a great opportunity to see a local legend in conert.


Download: Daniel Johnston – Freedom [MP3]

Strange Boys @ Waterloo Today (7/13)

strangeboysIf you’ve yet to see Austin’s own The Strange Boys live, now is your chance to see them for free at a Waterloo Records in-store today.  Things will get started at 5pm and of course don’t forget the free keg beer.  Here’s that song we love so much that we promise not to post again after today… maybe.


Download: The Strange Boys – Heard You Wanna Beat Me Up [MP3]

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