More New Music from We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves

857885_635641569842995_1298662364_oJust last week I brought you a new tune from We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves, who’ve been hard at work in the study to manage some songs for a release later this year.  They’ve sent us yet another tune, which is what we’re offering up below.  This new tune seems to show a bit of a different approach to songwriting, as they even declare that “this is not a rock song,” meaning that it happens to be something more; it is.  The vocal delivery is very much like spoken word, which has been popularized as of late by bands like Parquet Courts.  It adds an interesting dynamic, which ultimately showcases the band working around traditional pop constructs.  Just another reason to be excited about this Tuesday.


Download: We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves – Thanks for Reaching Out [MP3]

Fresh Music from We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves

wceoI love when bands we’ve written about hit us up with a new song after being quiet for so long.  We hadn’t heard from We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves since their last LP, Make a Mess of Sacred Ground…a must have if you ask me.  Today, however, they sent over this great track from their upcoming album, which should be out this summer.  It starts with a screeching bit of feedback before the guitars and drums start to bounce and jangle their way into the song.  Once the song gets going, there’s all sorts of little moves in and out of the plodding  fare that is the focus.  These guys have definitely been working on their craftsmanship, so take a listen.


Download: We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves – Working for the FBI [MP3]


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We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves – Make A Mess of Sacred Ground

Rating: ★★★★☆

I’ve been pleasantly following the career of We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves for well over a year, and it seems to have all come to a head with their excellent new LP, Make a Mess of Sacred Ground.  Sure, you’re going to find hints of Smiths and Northern Soul all over the record, but this isn’t your typical re-hash; the group’s songwriters are too good to be run-of-the-will.

The first time I heard “Winsome William,” the opening track, I knew it was going to be a hit.  There’s that happening stomp and jangling guitars, then the vocals come in with this crooning swagger; it’s absolute bliss.  They’ve captured the best part of the Northern Soul movement, providing you with a song where you can swing your lover about, whilst still having lyrical content that begs attention.  While the sharpness of the guitars doesn’t necessarily continue in the same fashion on “Stop Moving,” the rolling drum beat that opens the track definitely makes way for some good listens. Personally, I love the urgency in the vocal delivery; you can hear the passion behind the voice–with lyrics that lean towards a sort of Dev Hynes construction.

Make A Mess of Sacred Ground isn’t just going to beat you over the head with jangle rock; the group loves the soul aspect to boot!  “Heart in a Sling” beings almost as if you’re chilling in a hip lounge somewhere, listening to a tight backing band support their favorite crooner.  Then the group joins in to take you on a twangy crash into the seas of pop precision.  Interestingly, they take a completely different approach altogether with the following track, “Eloise.”  It’s similar in structure to the album’s opener, yet here you’ll find a quieted acoustic guitar with vocals soaring at the front of the mix.  I was already in love with this song from the beginning, but then some string arrangements join in for accompaniment and I swooned; I can’t stop listening to this track.

If you haven’t heard of We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves, then you’re definitely in for a treat once you put this record on play.  From the spirited opener of “Winsome William” to the jangling bookend “Devil in the Old Folk’s Home,” you’ve got a diverse set of eight tracks that wrap themselves around your brain and heart.  Make a Mess of Sacred Ground is a quick listen, but it’s so infectious that you won’t be able to resist flipping it over and playing it again and again.  If you’re looking for a flawless record that you can show off to all your cool friends, then pick this one up and hopefully we can help spread the word about this great band.


Download: We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves – Devil In The Old Folks’ Home [MP3]

Catchy Pop Number from We Cant Enjoy Ourselves

I feel like I’ve got some heavier tunes on the site today, so I wanted to toss up something ever-so catchy.  I’ve talked about We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves several times before, so with their new album, Make A Mess Of Sacred Ground, coming later this year, I figured I’d get this ditty up for your tastes.  It encompasses everything we’ve come to expect, and love, from the group, featuring a bouncing rhythm and nice hook.  Personally, I’m always a sucker when the whole gang jumps in to offer up supporting vocal moments.  You can never have enough good tunes, so enjoy this one as we spring back into the week.


Download:We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves – Devil In The Old Folks’ Home [Mp3]

New Track from We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves

RayRay and I have both raved on We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves, and it doesn’t look like that sort of adoration is going to end here.  The group tossed us up a new track off their upcoming album, Never Listen to the Ones You Love, and it’s just as good, if not better than their previous work.  It’s got a bit of swing to it upon the opening, but as you listen to the song progress, it takes off into a blissful state, with a bit of ringing guitar to wrap up the track.  This is definitely a promising song, illustrating to us that the band’s on the path to pop righteousness, at least if we have anything to do with it!


Download: We Cant Enjoy Ourselves – Your Datkest Thoughts Will Shine [MP3]

New Music (and album) from We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves

If you scour the Interwebs long enough late at night, you’re bound to come across something decent, which is exactly the case when I stumbled upon We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves. They’ve just self-released their own album, One Belongs Here More Than You, and you can pick it up for the lucky “name your own price” tag. While the band might be from the States, they definitely have the dance-hall feel of British bands celebrated in the annals of Northern Soul.  Give this a try, and get your feet moving and your arms swinging on another sweltering summer day.


Download: We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves – Back of My Bible [MP3]

More New Music From We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves

Earlier this year I posted a new song from a recent band discovery going by the name We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves.  I was intrigued back then, and now with this new pop jam “Stop Moving”, I’m ready to call myself a fan of the band.  The awesome and unique voice of the lead singer is still a big draw to me which is complimented nicely by the jangly sound of the guitars.  Apparently a new LP from the band is currently in the works with more details coming soon.


Download: We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves – Stop Moving [MP3]

New Music From We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves

Over the Holidays and during this slow week back to the music world, we had some time to sift through the many emails we receive and our ears perked up to a band calling themselves We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves.  They are another group hailing from the indie hotspot of Brooklyn, NY featuring jangly twee pop eerily similar at times to Austin’s own Hollywood Gossip.  What strikes me as unique and noteworthy of this band are the vocals from lead singer Giovanni Saldarriaga.  Can anyone else hear hints of Blaine Harrison from Mystery Jets?  You can also download the band’s entire debut LP One Belongs Here More Than You for free on their bandcamp page.


Download: We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves – Miss Maris Morris [MP3]