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luzesYou ready for the new La Luz to hit? If not, this song should pretty much seal the deal on the fact that the band have solidified their sound, leaving them as one of the bands you’ll fall in love with this year.  The latest single opens with this semi-Spaghetti Western psych maneuver, but quickly settles into this dreamy bit of soulful pop. Touches on guitar and keys are really light, creating this effect of that’s almost like floating; it’s very light, accentuated by the vocals being carefully placed atop it all. On August 7th you’ll be able to get your hands on Weirdo Shrine courtesy of Hardly Art.

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New La Luz Jam

laluzI think it’s sort of a shame that Ty Segall is getting the love for the new La Luz jam, especially considering he’s just handling production duties.  If you go back in time, you’ll see that this sound is the natural progression of the group’s sound as they prepare to release their new album. They’ve always had a surfy vibe, but I do dig the stronger vocal focus on this latest tune.  They definitely take some leisure with jamming things out in parts, which I suppose could be Segall’s touch, but I’m betting these ladies had these tunes ready to rock when they walked in the studio.  Look for their new album, Weirdo Shrine, on August 7th via Hardly Art.


Download: La Luz – You Disappear [MP3]