Brand New Music from Air Waves

I’ve been a huge supporter of Air Waves, and was really excited when Nicole Schneit returned to the work with Parting Glances (2015). Today she’s announced her brand new effort, Warrior, which will be released April 6th via Western Vinyl. The record is said to employ the concept “warrior” in various fashions, whether that be her mother fighting cancer or a queer person struggling in the present political climate. Musically, it’s a pretty stripped down song, at least on the surface; has some quieted percussion and backing vocals supporting Nicole’s remarkable voice in the front. Honestly, it has a bit of Beach House to it, only with a little more clarity coming through. Another welcome tune to her catalog…be sure to grab the LP come April.


New Video From In Tall Buildings

Erik Hall and his project known as In Tall Buildings sure seem to receive a lot of positive praise over here on ATH. We’ve always been fans of the tunes over the years so one can imagine the excitement when I heard that new music was finally on the way. This track, “Beginning to Fade”, with accompanying video directed by Natalie Bergman, features a truly peaceful and airy take on songwriting. After a few listens, you can start feeling yourself melt into the melody and the groove of the song.

In Tall Buildings will release Akinetic on March 2nd via Western Vinyl.

Another Number from Lean Year

Western Vinyl will be releasing the debut album from Lean Year this Friday, and they encouraged us to drop one last tune in your lap today before its release. I think the structure of the song is one of the reason’s that the album is so intriguing. The negative space is filled with very careful samples, occasionally bubbling up to create atmospherics while a string is lightly plucked. Emilie Rex, for her part, does her best to enchant the listener with her delivery often hanging on the last gasp of varying notes. Just a slight build at the end before we fade out, and into Friday, where you’ll grab the LP at your local shop.

Balmorhea / Caroline Says @ Stateside at the Paramount (09.22.17)

Whenever the opportunity arises to catch local instrumentalists, Balmorhea as the 6-piece live incarnation of Rob Lowe and Michael Muller’s cathartic project, we at Austin Town Hall jump all over it. Friday night’s album release party at the fantastic Stateside at the Paramount Theater stage for the band’s enthralling sixth LP, Clear Language was no exception. Follow the jump for more on the show. Read more

Beautiful Music from Lean Year

One of the great things about following labels is that you can identify certain sonic similarities in the work they put out, much like Western Vinyl who’ve worked with artists like Balmorhea (among others). Sure, Lean Year doesn’t have the exact same sound, but if you listen carefully, you’ll be absorbed by the band’s cinematic quality (perhaps owed to Rick Alverson’s participation). Every note seems to have been dropped perfectly in place, every vocal line placed precisely in position. Quiet throughout, you’ll likely find yourself immersed in the expanse the band has created for you. Their self-titled album will drop in your lap (I hope) on October 20th.

Caroline Says Drops Video

We’d be remiss if we didn’t support our friends in Caroline Says, especially considering they just dropped this brand new video and single. Plus, this is one of my favorite tracks on 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Cant Be Wrong; it has this almost dream pop vibe to it with understated jangling guitars, balanced perfectly by the heavy tones of Caroline’s voice. The group is quickly gaining new fans (even P4K got in on the action), so don’t be left out in the cold…get hip to Caroline Says! The record will drop on August 4th via Western Vinyl.

Katelyn Aurelia Smith is Back At It

Western Vinyl is so hot right now; they’ve got new Balmorhea, Caroline Says reissue and now a new Katelyn Aurelia Smith announcement! I’ve always really appreciated Smith’s work, particularly her care with the compositions that surround her voice. Here, we see her drifting into that realm where the Knife left us, beauty and hints of darkness intertwined. This composition is pretty sparse, but I like that it leaves plenty of room for folks to get lost as the song builds towards the end. Look for the Kid on October 6th!

Have You Listened to Caroline Says

Caroline Sallee is a good friend of ours over here at ATH; she’s one of the guitarists in our ownPollen RX, but we wanted to make sure you were aware of her solo work as Caroline Says. Not too long ago she released 50,000 Elvis Fans Cant Be Wrong via bandcamp and a handful of tapes…now it’s getting the reissue treatment from the revered Western Vinyl. This song’s a great introduction, mostly working with intimate picking and Caroline’s voice; there are some slight atmospheric touches atop too (including vocals towards the tracks end). It’s the sort of song that lets you sit at your window with a cup of coffee in hand, gazing into the distance as your mind drifts in and out. It’s a winner for sure. Look for the reissue on August 4th!

Austin Record Label Flea Market Recap

We love you Austin.

Everyone is already looking forward to doing it again. More on that later. I took photos, we did our shimmy thing, records were sold, merch was sold, group shots, industry discussions, ball-busting, cider sampled, dogs joined in, kids were indoctrinated into collecting vinyl.

Modern Outsider, Super Secret Records, Western Vinyl, Holodeck Records, Launch Cycle, Chicken Ranch Records, Keeled Scales, Saint Marie Records, Nine Mile Records and, as Nate said, our own little ATH Records all had the booths up and running. We had the musical stylings of The Sour Bridges and A. Sinclair.

Please enjoy my little photo essay on the Austin Record Label Flea Market. Click through to see what you missed or reminisce…

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