What Laura Says @ Stubbs (6/27)

Date 6/27/10
Location Stubbs
Doors 9pm
Tickets $10 from Frontgate

Tempe indie pop group What Laura Says are making a stop at Stubbs tomorrow night.  Locals The Sideshow Tragedy and Jonathan Terrell round out what should be your best option for local music on a Tuesday in Austin.  Spend that 10 bucks wisely.

[audio: https://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/what-laura-says-i-suppose.mp3]

Download: What Laura Says – I Suppose [MP3]

Annuals @ Emo’s (5/19)

Date 5/19/10
Location Emos
Doors 9pm
Tickets $12 @ Ticketweb

Hell yeah Emo’s, it looks like you’re getting back in this game of booking top indie bands and we couldn’t be more excited.  Seriously, doesn’t it feel like the venue has made a huge jump in their bookings over the past few months after a short lapse?  Regardless of what you think, the venue has a great lineup of buzz worthy bands for cheap cheap cheap on Wednesday night.  The bill is headlined by Annuals with Most Serene Republic and What Laura Says rounding out the solid night’s event.  Oh and it’s inside so that’s cool.

[audio: https://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/01-annuals-confessor.mp3]

Download: Annuals – Confessor [MP3]

What Laura Says On Daytrotter

Over the weekend recent ATH fave What Laura Says recorded a live session on one of our favorite websites Daytrotter over the weekend.  The live set features 4 songs and includes this awesome unreleased version of “I Suppose”.  Check out the whole thing now and tell us what you think.

[audio: https://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/what-laura-says-i-suppose.mp3]

Download: What Laura Says – I Suppose [MP3]