Bodega Drop New Single

New York City’s Bodega blew into SXSW with a huge wave of hype behind them, and for the most part, they pulled it off. The songs are definitely there, and here’s another number from the band’s forthcoming LP on What’s Your Rupture. It’s a pretty memorable little ditty, with those driving guitar riffs driving the song forward, and a powerful emphatic punch coming from the vocal refrain of the chorus. It’s quick and catchy, and gives you a pretty good glimpse of what we can expect from the group on their debut Endless Scroll, which will drop some time this summer.


SXSW Interview: BODEGA

Earlier this week BODEGA announced they’ll be working with What’s Your Rupture to release their new LP. With that came the additional buzz as the band head from Brooklyn to Austin for SXSW, bringing a blend of creatively arty rock n’ roll. If you’re looking for that act that everyone will rave about when the fest is over, I have a feeling this might be the one. Click on for their answers to our little interview! Including the hot gossip on their label boss and his disdain for cheese! Who doesn’t like cheese?!

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BODEGA Are Bad Ass

What’s Your Rupture have been quietly picking out the best bands from obscurity and thrusting them into the limelight. I mean, remember when you didn’t know who Parquet Courts were? Yeah, you can thank this label. They continue to pick up rad acts, like their most recent signing BODEGA. Opening with this pulsing bass line and pounding drum line, there’s a natural groove flowing through your speakers. Guitars knife in angularly, cutting the danceable sound into a rock n’ roll hit. Still, you can’t ignore the band’s propensity for being catchy, despite still sounding ominously dangerous. Look for their new LP to drop this summer.

Nathan’s Favorite Oceanic Albums of 2017

For the 8 or so people who read this blog on the regular, you’ll likely be aware of my affection for all things Oceanic, primarily New Zealand and Australia. So, with year end lists in mind, I thought I’d offer up my personal takes on the best tunes to come out of the area in 2017. There’s no particular order, just my sixteen favorites of the year.

There’s even a fun little playlist at the bottom for you to enjoy!


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New Single from Bed Wettin Bad Boys

Not that long ago we brought you news of a new Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys album coming our way, and now we’ve got another jam from the album to share with you. For me, this is where indie rock should always go. The chords ring, with slight elements of distortion to keep the noise level up, but it all works in a unifying pop realm. You like noisy rock? You’ll win with this one. You want a swirling bit of pop as waves of feedback crash? You win again. Basically, we’re all winning when songs like this are unleashed into the world. Look for the group’s brand new album, Rot, to drop via What’s Your Rupture on November 10th.

Rock N’ Roll from Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys

The sounds from this new single released by Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys might sound fairly familiar, especially if you read this here site. The group is the new project of Joe from Royal Headache, and it rides along the same lines; it uses these great gritty guitar chords that ring through your speakers while the vocals are delivered in a very matter of fact manner…those fans of the Replacements will want to keep an eye on this for sure! The group will be releasing their new record, Rot, on What’s Your Rupture/RIP Society come November 10th. I give this jam an A plus.


Time Travel With Savoy Motel

13494865_295607944106945_9025801514086833377_nWho doesn’t love some quality synchronized dance steps done to the beat of a 70s glam rock hit? When you take a peek at the video that Savoy Motel did for “Sorry People” below, you’ll find yourself transported to another age completely– visually, the aesthetic of the video matches the traditional glam rock of the music, which makes it all feel right. The song is a gem, and I find myself even more engaged in the music while watching the video. Take a few minutes to spend with Savoy Motel and ease through the rest of the day. Their self titled debut album will be out October 21st viaWhat’s Your Rupture? Records.

Savoy Motel Should Be Your New Favorite Thing

savoyWe knew this was coming (insider trader info), but we’re glad the whole world gets to finally be part of what’s sure to be the next big thing, Savoy Motel. The Nashville group should please the fans of old school R&B/boogie, whilst still showing the new school hipsters that there’s enough noise and creativity (and swagger) to make the music important to them. It’s a sound that seems timeless and refreshing; there’s nothing like it on the current landscape, and there might not have been anything like it in the past, yet you’ll feel like you’re in the know. The group are working with What’s Your Rupture now, so expect news on an album soon. Oh, and it stars Jeffrey Novak, who we’ve covered in varying ways here on the site…ya dig?

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Honey Radar Freak Out

honeyradarWhat’s Your Rupture just recently tossed up another of the new tracks off the forthcoming Honey Radar LP, and this one takes the band’s psychedelic tendencies to another level. From the get-go, the song has a funky little guitar plod and a settle vocal delivery that casually chills atop it all. That guitar, however, is just waiting for its moment, waiting to creep out of its cage and take the freak-out level a little bit higher. As the guitar squeaks and squawks, there’s a vocal sample fading out the track. Cool and crunchy…Blank Cartoon comes out on May 20th.

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New Music from Honey Radar

honeyradarLook who’s back with a brand new full length for those ears? Honey Radar. I only recently (as in the last year or so) got into the band, but I’m definitely ready for the vibes I’m hearing in this new single from the group. You’d be an idiot to ignore the psychedelic influences, yet the recording of the vocals seems to have a different effect than many of the other like-minded acts. Looks like the band are readying their brand new album, Blank Cartoon, via Whats Your Rupture on May 20th.

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