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honeyJust last week I urged you to check out Honey Radar and their new 7″ for What’s Your Rupture, but now they’ve got a new jam they’ve offered up for Unblinking Ear Records Office Series. This track is definitely on the shorter side, but it manages to pack enough of a punch to make it worth your time, offering up a psych-jangle with a coated vocal calmly cooing in the forefront. I’m in love with the band’s seemingly casual approach to songwriting, crafting hits that feel half-hearted in a sense, though somehow managing to pull at your emotions. It’s up for the NYP over at Unblinking Ear

Honey Radar Is Super Hip

12234920_1664698017140133_7132038731607968554_nI like to think of What’s Your Rupture as the label that births the cool. Seems like every band they work with at some point explodes and gets cool; see Love is All, Parquet Courts and Royal Headache. One of the newest releases is this very small scale 7″ by Honey Radar, and I’ve got big expectations for this band’s sound. Not sure how one would really identify their sound, though you can hear all sorts of influences from lo-fi to jangling pop to art punk; it makes for a beautiful sound that I can’t believe more people aren’t clamoring over just yet. Guess that’s the price one pays for being ahead of the curve. Stream the 7″ below and BUY IT HERE.

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Show Spotlight: Royal Headache @ Red 7 (TONIGHT!!!)

Royal HeadacheIt’s pretty hard to pick a show of the week when the week is just getting started, but seriously, if you miss this show you’re going to regret it for the rest of the night.  One of our favorite local acts, Jonly Bonly is opening up, followed by their friends and rock n’ roll trio Bad Sports.  I’d go to a show to see both of those bands alone, but Royal Headache is coming! They’re an Aussie act, so you never know when you’ll be able to catch them.  But, they’re also blowing in to support their new LP, High (WYR?).  It’s the perfect blend of soul and post-punk, and the energy from Shogun on stage is something you won’t wanna miss. Please please come hang out. Doors are at 8 PM.

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Raving About Royal Headache Again

Royal HeadacheIn case you haven’t caught wind, there’s a new Royal Headache album coming out. I’ve been listening to their new album High pretty non-stop the last few weeks, and I’ll tell you, despite what you’ve heard, this is the best record to come out of Australia this year (sorry Tame Impala).  There’s just some remarkable in the way they fuse their gritty rock tones with the soulful voice of Shogun; it’s not like anything you’ve heard, yet it’s everything you ever wanted. The album is released on August 21st via Whats Your Rupture, which will be followed by a US tour, including an Austin date at Red 7…so you’ve been warned.

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Brand New Royal Headache Tune!

royRoyal Headache is one of my favorite bands, despite having very little output.  Their debut album was a ferocious attack on modern rock n’ roll, hitting hard with high octane guitars over Shogun’s soulful voice.  They’ve just released a brand new single, and I’ll admit, there’s a bit of a difference in the song…to my ears at least.  The pace is a little bit slower, allowing for the voice to shine in the front of the mix; it still has that gritty recording quality to it, which I absolutely love. The Australian group will be releasing their new album, High, on August 21st via their US label, What’s Your Rupture–the same label responsible for bringing you Parquet Courts.

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Did You Hear That New Parquet Courts Track?

parquetYes. You’ve by now heard about the new Parquet Courts song (and LP), but at the risk of redundancy, I’m going to post it too.  One, I really like this song; it’s like the band doing their best Bill Callahan impression…it’s a damn good impression.  Two, the guy that owns their label, What’s Your Rupture, is one of my Top 5 Nicest Dudes in Rock n’ Roll. Seriously. Nicest dude. Good friend. The new LP is called Content Nausea, and might feature some variance on the project’s sound, as we witness the band indulging in influences we might not have noticed early on.  This is probably one of my favorite tracks of the week; the rest of the album is out December 2nd.

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New Jam from Parquet Courts

Parquet-Courts-Sunbathing-Animal-608x608We’ve long had a love affair with What’s Your Rupture Records, and it only makes things better that the little NY label is behind the excellent work of Parquet Courts.  We’re all gearing up towards the release of the bands much anticipated second album, Sunbathing Animal, and the new title track is pretty ridiculous.  It’s a furiously paced rocker, with intertwining guitars and pounding drums; it’s a wonder the band can keep up the frenetic pace throughout the track.  There’s a nice little instrumental breather thrown on immediately following this track, so you’ll have time to rest after pogoing about your room.  Expect a best new music nod here folks.


What’s Your Rupture to Release Any Other City

anyotherIn 2001 Life Without Buildings released Any Other City, and despite the limited available copies for the Glaswegian band, they quickly and quietly reached cult status.  But, like many things, they faded into our memories. That was until yesterday, when the excellent label What’s Your Rupture announced that they’d be re-releasing the heralded record as a special Record Store Day release, on April 19th in case you’re not on the up-and-up.  Just give yourself a little listen to the tune below; you’ll surely realize just why so many people hold this record so dear.



Parquet Courts Return with New Single/New EP

parquetcourtsThey may not want to admit it, but for all intents and purposes, Parquet Courts are a Texas band! So, as a Texas-based site, we’re going to say nice things; they’re label What’s Your Rupture rules pretty hard too.  With the announcement of a new EP, the band is sure to start making waves again, just as they did with Light Up Gold.  This new track has the same chugging guitar lines their debut featured, but it includes new touches like a bit more distortion on the guitars and a recorder/flute.  It adds another dimension that will surely make the Tally All the Things That You Broke EP another success.  It hits the streets on October 8th, and the band will be playing both weekends of Austin City Limits.

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