Top Songs of 2013

best songs ath 2013We’ve put our pretty little heads together ladies and gentlemen to bring you our favorite songs from this past year.  It was a difficult task with our ever growing staff, but we feel like this list best represents the diverse taste of our staff.  Love it or hate it, it’s ours to call our own.  Hit play and put your head down or dance or shimmmy or drool or whatever works. Most of all we hope you hear something you missed, something you want to buy or something you want to see live.

Scroll past the playlist for full the run of the bestest songs ever this year.

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White Birds + Night Panthers = Forever Evers

artworks-000059713214-yhesrz-t500x500We’ve actually written about both of these bands a ton, and honestly, I didn’t see such a collaboration coming our way.  That being said, I’m actually really pleased with the end result from Forever Evers; it’s a dreamy electro pop number that you’ll want to play for the rest of the day. There’s this stuttering electronic loop that remains central to the track, with the heavier beat really driving home the sensation. And the vocals are just what I’d expect from something that James Harvey is part of, which means it’s great.  We’ll keep you posted on a possible release.

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Drifting Dream from White Birds

whitebirdsI’ve been keeping a close eye on White Birds, and admittedly, I never quite know what I’m going to get.  Sometimes the music created is so intimate, other times it’s interestingly abstract, but this new track that just popped up yesterday is too mesmerizing to miss.  I could just listen to the vocals over and over, soaring, quietly.  There’s a tribal quality in the percussion, which makes creates a really dense ethereal haunt throughout.  I’m not sure what or if this will be released, just think you should enjoy such a ridiculously good song; I’d be responsible for ruining your day if I didn’t let you hear it!


Download: White Birds – Woman [MP3]

Hazy New Track from White Birds

Last fall I caught wind of this great band, White Birds, a Philly group that was creating lush pop music with a nice coat of fog.  Just this past weekend the band released a new track from their debut, When Women Played Drums, which unfortunately will be on a limited cassette release.  Again, they come at us with this really steady pop, with the vocals run through this wash of noise…it sort of reminds me of what I would expect a mello Arcade Fire to come off as if they recorded in the midst of a windstorm.  I don’t know, it’s quiet and gentle, and perfect for my chilled out afternoon jamming.


Download: White Birds – Waters [MP3]

Whispering Pop Tune from White Birds

If you’re looking for something to put on in the background as your mind wanders today, then you’ve come to the right place! I’ve caught myself drifting off, happily of course, to the meandering pop tune just released by White Birds.  The band is working on releasing the White Birds Tape, which you can grab from Grizzly Records.  Word is that they’ve got a full length in the works, but no news on that front just yet.  I promise you that you’ll be just as excited as I am about this band; yet another tune I want to play all day long.


Download: White Birds – Hondora [MP3]