Last Week’s Jams, Today (11.1 – 11.5)

Last week had some jams, I tell ya! I’m looking at our playlist and seeing only a bit more than a dozen tunes, but I’m also seeing a few that might squeak into my year end list. I mean, I can’t stop playing “Bunny Man” for fuck’s sake! Plus, hits from new acts to get turned onto, like Cola and Whoop. Plus, that one band The Red Pinks and Purples has another release coming! Thanks to friends for also turning me onto stuff like Courtesy and the Antelopes! Sit back and enjoy!

Whoop Share New Single, Smile

Whoop is a relatively new act out of North Carolina, formed by singer Fal and friends, offering up a mixture of light-hearted pop rock that’s certain to charm us all on this early Friday morning. Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t immediately point you towards Fal’s voice; she has this youthful vibrancy that seems both playful and confident, bending syllables to her will. The band work hard to create these riffs that border on jangling guitar rock, giving the song the edge needed to serve as the vessel for the vocals. It’s a fun little ditty to get you going, and if you’re super into it, the band release Whoop! on November 19th via Porcelain Records.