Lunch Lady Share New Single

Okay, so I slept on this one over the weekend; I completely regret not sharing it with you earlier. Instead, I’ve been bouncing around my living room just letting this angular post pop music from Lunch Lady get stuck deep in the caverns of my mind. The rhythm section starts the show, giving off that toe-tapping diligence, but you’ve got to wait for the guitar work to sort of spin you up and twirl you about with their sharp little stabs. Rachel Birke’s voice, however, is the icing on the cake, adding this thoughtful haziness to the band’s swirly-pop vibes. Makes perfect sense their debut would end up on Upset the Rhythm; Angel drops August 23rd.

Small Leaks Sink Ships, True Story

slssOkay. I don’t know if it’s a true story, but I imagine that any leak sinks a ship if it goes undetected. Regardless, Small Leaks Sink Ships is one of those bands that is perfect for indie rock escapism. Their latest single seemingly echoes with every bit of the kitchen sink…each note place in its appropriate spot to maximize its connection with listeners. On this particular tune, the song has this vocal eruption just at the 1.45 mark that’s really special, and for me, it elevated the song, though I admittedly love the little details from the percussive notes here and there too. Their new album, Face Yourself and Remove Your Sandals will be released by Lefse Records in 2017, so keep your ears peeled.

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