Drifting Dream from White Birds

whitebirdsI’ve been keeping a close eye on White Birds, and admittedly, I never quite know what I’m going to get.  Sometimes the music created is so intimate, other times it’s interestingly abstract, but this new track that just popped up yesterday is too mesmerizing to miss.  I could just listen to the vocals over and over, soaring, quietly.  There’s a tribal quality in the percussion, which makes creates a really dense ethereal haunt throughout.  I’m not sure what or if this will be released, just think you should enjoy such a ridiculously good song; I’d be responsible for ruining your day if I didn’t let you hear it!


Download: White Birds – Woman [MP3]

Pop Goodness with Victory

5a.180425It’s amazing to me what the recording process has evolved into over the last several years, allowing one man to really do all the work on his own, much like Victory, the project of multi-instrumentalist Robert Fleming.  His new record, Victory is Music, will be out on April 23rd and it’s filled with catchy hooks and straight-forward pop tunes.  The newest single “Woman” has some vocal inflections that come across as stuttering pop perfection; I also like the fuzz on the guitar.  Something about this jam reminds me of Britt Daniels, so that can’t be a bad thing now can it? Try it on for yourself.


Download: Victory – Woman [MP3]