John Andrew and the Yawns Share Never Go Away

Outside in Austin at the moment, the weather’s just a bit cool, though the sun’s already poking its head out of the clouds, but putting that all together makes John Andrews and the Yawns new single quite fitting. There’s a cool vibe running through the vocals, both Andrews and the backing vocals; it’s like sun hitting your skin to give just the faintest warmth. Behind the vocals, there’s a nice bounce, like riding on a nice crisp breeze, moving you to tap your toes or perhaps shuffle those feet just a wee bit. You’ll be able to grab this single on the new LP, Love for the Underdog, out on April 28th via Woodsist.

John Andrews and the Yawns Share River of Doubt

I’m really enjoying the latest stuff from John Andrews & the Yawns; there’s something about his songwriting this go round that just feels so timeless and comforting, like he’s running on a relay team and he just grabbed the baton from M. Ward. It’s the sort of pop music you can share with a friend, or talk about with your grandfather over a cup of coffee…or maybe its the background to telling a great story. That seems to be the route Andrews went with the video, compiling footage of both his life on the road and his life in New Hampshire, celebrating both the contrasts and the harmony; it’s an homage to his friends, and perhaps a reminder of what a lasting impression a musical community can make. The band release Cookbook on May 14th via Woodsist.

John Andrews & the Yawns Announce Cookbook

If you’re lucky, the frost has started to peel back wherever you are, allowing little buds of green to sprout up here and there. If that’s the case, then you’re luckier there’s a new John Andrews & the Yawns album for you. Our first listen is that perfect Spring blossom feel, or maybe you prefer that early Sunday morning breakfast at your favorite spot; it’s spritely and freeing, while still maintaining this central seriousness. Textured details from piano and woodwinds thicken up the melodies in Andrews’ tune, leaving you feeling lighter, almost floating on the notes as the breeze through your speakers. The tune appears on the new album Cookbook, dropping on May 14th via Woodsist.

New Music from Hurt Valley

You ever come across one of those tunes that sort of makes you look out the window and just sort of think back on the whole of your life? Well, if so, then perhaps you’ll understand the nostalgic feelings that flow from this new Hurt Valley track. Something in the song just feels like an eternity that I’d willing live over and over again, like they’ve tapped into my own consciousness; it has something to do with the way the vocals were recorded, part whisper part friendly fireside chat. This new track will appear on Glacial Pace, the new LP out on December 6th via Woodsist.

Show Preview: Kevin Morby @ The Mohawk (9/16)

It’s kind of always a challenge these days to figure out what you’re going to do with your Saturday nights in Austin. Normally my issue is figuring out which show I want to hit up, as there’s always more than one great option. This Saturday, you need to be sure to catch a non-local, but still rad, Kevin Morby and company at The Mohawk. K. Morby has been wowing us for years, but on his latest release, City Music, he really knocked it out of the park. The perfect balance of blues and rock, the gentleman is sure to put on a great night of hazy jams that’ll have you swaying through the weekend. Get there early to check out Pitchfork approved, and fellow Woodsist artist,Shannon Lay,and her balancing act of quiet/loud folk gems.

There are still tickets available for real cheap–get yours here and make a great decision for your Saturday in Austin.

Oh and when you’re done getting groovy with Kevin Morby at The Mohawk, make sure you keep the party rolling and pop over to Cheer Up’s to catch ATH bands Shivery Shakes AND Big Bill as well as the other great bands on that lineup. There’s no excuses people– you really CAN have it all.


New Woods Album!!!

We’ve all been talking about how music can provide us solace in the next four years, hoping that someone writes great tunes to provide us some escapism. Woods, one of our favorites, have just announced a brand new six song album that aims to just that…though they’re doing so with a vibe of positivity. They acknowledge that many of us feel helpless in our surroundings, but ultimately we’ll turn to friends and artists to provide positivity and love in our lives. They’ve titled the album Love is Love, and it’s slated for an April release via Woodsist…sample the album’s title track below.

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Intimate Track From Hand Habits

14379829_1047569908672491_1109086074060025602_oHand Habits are your new favorite act– well they are if you have five minutes to spend with this gorgeous americana-ish track. “All The While” will essentially bewitch you from its opening notes, asthe simple combination of guitar, vocals and drums are hauntingly beautiful. Meg Duffy, the front lady behind the moniker, has a voice that will bathe you in its warm and yet hold you completely at its mercy while the bluesy guitar parts twist and turn through the background. Her debut album,Humble Before The Void, will be out via Woodsist sometime at the start of 2017.

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Woods Continue to Mix It Up

woods2_630x300I’m really interested to hear the entirety of the new Woods LP. There are definitely some things working beneath the usual mix of Cali psych pop that make me curious as to what other little touches will flourish within the confines of the whole listen. On this latest single, there’s still the vocal performance, but rather than the psych touches, it tends to have more of an R&B/funk based rhythm working below; it’s a nice twist I wasn’t expecting.City Sun Eater in the River of Light is the title of the new effort, so we’ll get to hear it all on April 8th via Woodsist.

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Woods Are Back Already

woodPerhaps it’s a bit early to look at Levitation Fest, with that other big festival right around the corner, but one thing is for sure, Woods will be high on my list of bands to see. They always seem to be at work on something, and this time around they’re turning their psychedelic Cali pop into something a tad bit different. There’s horns and jamming moments, which have been present here and there in the past, but this time around they’ve stripped away some of the pop sensibility in favor of just experimental psych jams. City Sun Eater in the River of Light is their new effort, and it will be interesting to see how this all comes to head on what you can assume will be a cohesive collection of beautiful tracks; it comes out at the beginning of April.

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More New Music from Cian Nugent

cianI’m particular to voices that don’t quite sound perfect, which is perhaps the reason why I’ve been gravitating to the work of Cian Nugent. He’s capable of holding a melody, sure, but there’s something just a bit off, just a touch rough that really grabs your ear. Musically, the song alternates between folk-laden ballad and all out-country jam; they employ a fiddle here rather than they oft-overused violin. His new record, Night Fiction, is getting a release via Woodsist; it should hit stores in late January, keeping you warm just as the world freezes over. Stream it.

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