New Song from Big Troubles

I had heard about the signing of Big Troubles while stalking Slumberland Records (as you can see I’ve been doing today!).  I’d been keeping my eye on these kids since their debut, Worry, came out, so I’m excited to see that September 27th we can celebrate the arrival of Romantic Comedy.  Clearly, there’s a bit of youthfulness going on with this band, which enables them to sort of take dead aim at crafting pop gems with earnest, without having to endure backlash about who or what they were influenced by during the writing process. Smoky vocals placed lightly atop sharp bending guitar lines make this worthy of repeated listens.


Download: Big Troubles – Misery [MP3]

New Music from Big Troubles

You thought you head heard the last of shoegaze-y pop didn’t you?  Well, not so fast.  I’ve recently been let on to a great little secret, that being New Jersey’s Big Troubles. They’ve just released their album, Worry, and its ridiculously full of washed guitars roaming the country atop solid little pop melodies.  You can imagine this to be a ridiculously loud live show, but its got just the right amount of noise on the recorded version.  You can preview the full record over at their SITE, and you’ll definitely want to get on that, stat.


Download: Big Troubles – Bite Yr Tongue [MP3]